I consider myself a hobby healer. I help people cure themselves for fun and charity. Hobby healing is an extension of the my Pro-life Philippines volunteerism. Although I am Pro-life, I was never religious ever in my life. This must be the reason why I am open to any new information and will evaluate each on a case to case basis.

My interest in health truth began when my first child was born. All of a sudden I had to find out the truth about health and healing because I wanted the best for my child as any parent would.

I came down with a then mysterious “viral” problem that put me in the hospital and gave me chronic fatigue syndrome with an elevated resting heart rate of 105 beats per minute. The conventional heart doctor told me I had to go on beta blockers to control my heart beat but would compromise my penis erections. I dumped that doctor and his ugly prescription. I learned that simply eliminating all sources of caffeine cured me of my condition.

Then came our secondary infertility problem when we could not make a 2nd child. This again sent us on a new round of health research. We learned about eliminating junk food. We eliminated drugs. We learned about traditional filipino healers. Our infertility success and tips are at www.fertilityhelp.org

My wife’s pregnancies were another challenge and we discovered Chiropractors can do a better job than drugs with heart problems.

We were frustrated at the state of western medical obstetrics and theories about pregnancy and birthing. We discovered too late that home birthing was safer and more effective than any hospital birthing. As a result my wife’s pregnancies and deliveries were unpleasant.

I wanted to lose weight because I was obese so I learned about adjusting my diet by seeing a nutritionist who would tutor me for a few months until I learned new habits. I learned I could adjust my diet at will to achieve any goal.

Our neighbors were teachers at the local Manila Waldorf school and we were exposed to the theories of anthroposophic medicine. I was then first made aware of the dangers of vaccinations. I researched for months about the truth regarding each and every vaccine scheduled to be given to our 1st and 2nd child. We eliminated vaccines one at a time as we concluded that each was detrimental until there was none left. We found out that the whole vaccination theory and paradigm was completely false. And stopped vaccinating our children. Our 1st born was vaccinated until 2 years of age. Our 2nd child was vaccinated until his 6th month. Our 3rd child and future children have zero vaccinations.

Then a terrible eczema would consume my whole attention for 2005 and I consulted 5 western medical doctors with no results, all with the same idiotic mindset of immune suppression. I drove to the farthest province alone in my car looking for traditional Filipino healers who have no links with western medicine. I found Dr. Lorna Reyes, a 3rd generation healer who would diagnose me with “dirty blood”. Then with the additional analysis of an anthroposophic doctor I had found my cure. My eczema cure story is told at www.eczemacure.info

The eczema episode was explosively educational. Once Dr. Lorna opened my mind to a whole new way of thinking with limitless possibilities, I quickly gobbled up the books available in our local bookstores and sources on the internet. What once seemed like ideas “shooting over my head” were now plain and transparent to my now open mind. And as I improved my health, my capacity for even more learning accelerated.

I read the 100 year lie which opened my eyes wider. We learned about organic food sources. We tried colonics. I discovered current authors Hulda Clark, Andreas Moritz, Bruce Fife, Robert Young and more. We learned about biological dentists. I discovered Curezone.com. I bumped into Dr. Tam’s Miracle Tea and attended Dr. Tam Meteo’s free seminars promoting raw veganism. I discovered naturopathy. I was finally healthy enough to listen and enroll as a student of Barefoot Herbalist MH. I thought raw fruitarianism was odd as Barefoot was the only fruitarian I knew. Then I discovered other raw fruitarians on the web. I learned about the philosophies of natural hygiene. I discovered sources of old books by heretic doctors at Soil and Health. Then I discovered the raw paleolithics on the web, notably WaiSays.com which is basically fruitarian but with a little raw fish and raw egg yolks.

In the course of all this time I had to strive harder to learn as I had to save my brother Bugoy from many dying episodes from what his doctors thought was just full body psoriasis or eczema. This accelerated my learning far beyond I imagined I needed to go because here was my brother literally dying and we needed to make the correct decisions or else.

From then on I dipped my charity to experience helping other people along the way and found that curing people and achieving good health was actually easy and repeatable: cancer, diabetes, heart disease, acne, acid reflux, etc. All people needed was a mental map of the truth, this is the hardest part, you have to break people’s mental paradigms where they accept illness, death and no cures. Then a road map of how to achieve their goals. Once the example was set, it was easy for people to follow.

Armed with continuously expanding knowledge and continuously expanding tools for healing, no disease is too difficult once the mental paradigms of the sick have been breached with truth.

My family is concerned I spend too much time and effort on hobby healing when I don’t make any money on hobby healing, in fact it costs ME time and money to heal people. That’s why this is just a hobby for friends and family.

If you are a friend or a family and you are sick and need help, just come to me and I will help you.

Edwin Casimero