About the Cure Manual

I am a hobby healer. I got into healing because I was forced into it. Just like most true healers I got into hobby healing because me and my family faced health challenges unsolvable by the early 21st century common western, for profit, medical paradigm.

Only altruistic motives can deliver true cures consistently for almost any case. Without the shadow of greed, altruistic motives come up with truth about health knowledge, wisdom and experience.
The knowledge I gathered was initially just for myself and my family but it has to be spilled out to heal more people for it to grow.

I initially made other websites to address specific illnesses such as infertility, eczema, psoriasis, diabetes, cancer, dengue and many others. In the course of learning and healing people, I realized that the diseases of civilization were mostly alike with a few minor differences. Thus I wanted to create a comprehensive Cure for ALL Diseases website which is a synthesis of my ideas and my conclusions from all my teachers.

This Cure Manual is my core cure all for most diseases of civilization. Diseases of wrong living. A general approach that cures all diseases is done with a few minor tweaks depending upon your condition.

The objective of this website is for you to learn and cure yourselves of any disease. Bring ’em on I say. Cancer, Diabetes, AIDS, Heart Disease, Herpes, Psoriasis… are all curable. Right here. Right now.

The knowledge that you can gain from learning the truth about health is intended to diagnose and cure virtually all diseases.

Why the “wholistic” healers are correct

I have the confidence to say that “wholistic” healers are correct because we deliver the cures consistently, methodically, repeatedly, predictably.

Why the pharmaceutical and surgical dominant medical superstition is absolutely false

They admit themselves that they have zero cures for all the diseases of civilization. They admit they only have treatments. They admit they have only symptom alleviation / masking / coverup drugs, radiation and surgical procedures. A doctor who says your disease has no cure has no business serving you! A doctor who says your disease has no cure does not deserve to be paid!

How to Use this Web Site

This website is structured like a book. A link to the next and previous pages are located at the bottom of each page. There is a separate News and Updates Section where all news is posted.

Warning: Made in the Philippines

I am a Filipino. I grew up in the Philippines and live in the Philippines. My personal culture is different, and my english may be different from what you are used to. I have been reading around and have found people who are offended by the information and opinions I write. My objective is to be frank and honest about the way to be cured. My objective is to teach you how to learn by yourself to see the truth about real health and one day when you have cured yourself, you will be your own teacher and we can be friends.

What you have to promise

Promise yourself, right now, ahead of time, that after being eventually cured of what you were told was an incurable disease, you have to return the favor and teach other people to cure themselves as well.

My opinions are not set in stone

This website will be modified and improved according to the latest knowledge I gain. Hopefully it gets better and better.

My opinions are meant for my family!  My family is the intended audience of this website.  See conditions and disclaimer.