Lower Back and Legs Pain Symptoms – Chole Lithiosis / Common Bile Duct Stones? Kidney Stones? Lower Back Misalignment? Or Circulation Problems plus Nutritional Deficiencies in Sodium, Potassium and More?

Some 2 days ago our laundry woman, Gemma, I heard was in extreme pain, her lower back and her legs so bad she could not walk by herself. Her husband, my driver, Oliver excused himself, borrowed my car to attend to Gemma who was taken to a hilot, then driven to a...

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5 Years On Raw Paleo Diet Review by Edwin Casimero

January 2013 marks my 5th year of being on raw paleo diet. I have to thank the raw paleo diet community at www.rawpaleodietforum.com for keeping me company all these years. Giving insights on their experiences in their part of the world and with what many forms of raw...

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Vander: The Best Live In Healer

Vander Gaditano is the Best Live In Healer I know and recommend. You live, sleep and eat in his healing farm in Candelaria, Quezon. He makes sure you do everything right according to your illness. Customized Diet, Customized Detox, Customized Healing... all hands on. Click to visit Vander Gaditano's Healing Farm. Call Vander at +63-927-355-3990