I see infertility as a very serious matter. Not being able to reproduce is like experiencing death while still alive. I don’t want my bloodline to die off. I want to be immortal through my children.

Following the cure manual should lead to a fertility success.

In the diet coasting period after the temporary fruitarian phase, you must switch to a paleolithic diet with lots of raw fat. If you have trouble with raw fat at the start, you can incorporate boiled fats to begin with.

The key is a majority raw with some cooked paleolithic diet (fruit based).

Eat a high fat, low carbohydrate diet and see your fertility soar.

Cure all existing disease symptoms and fertility will follow.

I’ve made previous websites FertilityHelp.Net and FertilityHelp.Org

My teacher says: “IF” you have mercury in your mouth, “YOU” have no business having children.

The lesson there is go to the dental cleanse section of this website, clean up your mouth, remove all mercury from your mouth. Amalgams, silver fillings, they all contain mercury, the most toxic substance on earth.

Do the rest of the Cure Manual.