Parasite Cleanse

I read about how widespread parasites are from Hulda Clark and Barefoot Herbalist. Parasites are everywhere. A healthy body keeps parasites in check. But when one is unhealthy or polluted, parasites may multiply to become problems and may migrate to body organs that can become compromised by them.

Once parasites have taken root in places where they shouldn’t be, they need to be kicked out.

Hulda Clark’s opinion on parasites is that depending on the organs that are infested and compromised, symptoms of illnesses arise. For example Cancer, is caused by parasites attracted to solvents, pollutants, propyl alcohol collected in the liver; AIDS is caused by the same pollutants attractive parasites in the thymus.

Extensive information about parasites. See them all:

  • Humaworm’s Parasite Facts and Figures Page. Click Here.
  • Barefoot Herbalist’s 108 Pages Free Ebook. Click Here.
  • Hulda Clark’s Book Cure for All Diseases Eboo. Click Here.

Parasites can be kicked out via both electronic and herbal means. I suggest using a combination of both.

Herbal Parasite Cleansers:

In the USA buy Barefoot Herbalist’s Herbal De-Wormer.

Around the world Humaworm Parasite Cleanse delivers.

Various Parasite Zappers evolved from Hulda Clark’s open source invention:

Hulda Clark’s zapper is her donation to humanity. The plans to make your own zapper are open to the public to make and improve upon.

“… Any positively offset [DC] frequency kills all bacteria, viruses and parasites simultaneously given sufficient voltage (5 to 10 volts), duration (seven minutes), and frequency (anything from 10 Hz to 500’000 Hz).”

How to make your own Hulda Clark Zapper from Zapper Plans or from Hulda Clark’s Book.

Ken Presner makes the Ultimate Zapper and has a table comparing 12 major zappers.

Don Croft delivers zappers around the world, his zapper is combined with orgone technology. My wife is a big fan of this zapper. It’s small, convenient, and it works. Order from World Without Parasites.

In Manila, Philippines you can buy Zappers from Bob Mackenzie and Tess Mendoza.