Diet Strategies

My recommended cure diet is a RETURN to a raw paleolithic diet. You read that correctly, I stress on a RETURN to the original, nature designed diet for human beings.

Raw Paleolithic diet is raw organic / wild fruits plus raw organic / wild animal foods and few choice vegetables / herbs and absolutely no nightshades: tomatoes, potatoes, bell peppers, egg plants. It may be high fat or equal fat and equal carbs, but it can never be high carb as only cooked starches can deliver such massive quantities of carbs. Raw paleolithic diet or RPD for short is the TRUE HUMAN DIET.

In my research, self experimentations and healings it is pretty obvious that the raw paleolithic diet is the diet that cures people. We know that the human body is of great design. Humans are self healing when cleansed and given all his nutritional and nurturing requirements. Degenerative diseases, diseases of civilizations exist because humans today have forgotten to live the way we were meant to live. Civilization was born on the back of agriculture, the original human mistake, foods meant as emergency foods are turned into staple foods. Cooking was meant to transform non-human edible vegetables, grains and root crops into human edible but debilitating low class food. What became even more idiotic is that cooking was eventually applied to animal foods and fruits! Only vegetables, leaves, grains and root crops require cooking! Most humans can tolerate this twisted diet of civilization up to a point in their lives, after which, they are exhausted, break down, become diseased and die.

Only a return to the original true human food, the raw paleolithic diet, does the sick human get nurtured and blooms back to life. Of course the sick may need other tools of detoxing and parasite cleansing, but their diet must be of the raw paleolithic diet and its variants such as temporary fruitarianism or temporary raw veganism. It is just not possible to cure deathly sick human beings on a cooked and polluted food diet. Nature is ruthless, either you follow nature to live, or you try to defy nature to suffer and die a horrible death. There is no escape from nature’s laws. Recognize those natural laws and work within those laws to your advantage.

It is easy to return to a raw paleolithic diet. You will feel how much faster you heal, how much stronger you become in a very short amount of time; compared to how long it would have taken for you to recover if ever, on your abnormal cooked diet of civilization. With this return to the true human diet, you may concentrate on other important aspects of healing which can be found in the rest of this cure manual.

Some Important Videos for you to watch:

An entertaining short video introducing the Paleo Diet. Unfortunately this video shows cooked meat. If you have are suffering from any grave disease, it is important that you eat your food 100% RAW and without condiments. All fruit, meat and vegetables must be raw, organic / wild and your eggs must be fertilized.

Short Discussion from Loren Howe on the Original Diet of Humans: The Raw Paleolithic Diet

Short Discussion from Loren Howe on the effectivity of the Raw Paleolithic Diet in reversing diseases. Also promotes the WAI Diet. Loren begins with inflammatory and auto-immune diseases here.


Raw Fruits are vastly superior to vegetables

Here is a step by step diet process summary:

Food addictions must be addressed first. The reason for this is the sick will not be able to follow any healing diet if he cannot control his addictions.

If you have a sweets / breads addiction, a sign of yeast overgrowth, try doing a VCO detox if you have the strength.

Consult so he can guide you with his powerful orange juice fast. 3 days, 7 days, 14 days, 21 days, 40 days.

Option A: FRUITARIAN Healing Diet is 100% raw food diet comes. For those with wrecked digestive systems. Suggest raw, organic / wild fruitarian diet. (few vegetables, no nightshades). With plenty of healthy raw fats from coconut meat, avocados, extra virgin olive oil, virgin coconut oil, soy lecithin. This should be very temporary. Humans are omnivores and will need raw animal foods.

Option B: Healing Diet is 100% raw food. Raw fruitarian + Raw animal foods like raw organic fertilized eggs, raw organic fats, raw organic internal organs, raw wild ocean fish. A stabilizing body building diet comes next. You try to find the diet you are comfortable with to coast with the rest of your life. My preference is it is a continuous balancing act between raw fruits and raw fatty meats. And

When education is complete, you can choose the diet that appeals to you. My suggestion is eat THE BEST… a Raw Paleolithic Diet. Play around with the ratio of raw fruits, some raw vegetables and raw animals including organ meats. Play around with the ratio of RAW FATS and RAW Carbohydrates, High Fat – Low Carb is healing and eventually better as it eliminates cravings. Add some fasting days and cleansing days from time to time.

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