How to Cure Diabetes

“If you are an American diabetic, your physician will never tell you that most diabetes is curable. In fact, if you even mention the cure word around him, he will likely become upset and irrational. His medical school training only allows him to respond to the word treatment. For him, the cure word does not exist. Diabetes, in its modern epidemic form, is a curable disease and has been for at least 40 years.”

— Thomas Smith of

This page is dedicated to my best friend who is hopelessly indoctrinated in western pharmaceutical dogma. When we last communicated about how diseases are cured, he said everything I just told him “shoots over his head.”

Watch DeWayne McCulley teach you and tell you his story how he cured his diabetes and how each and every diabetic can be cured of his own diabetes.

See all 7 parts of this video at the Cure Library. Click Here.

There are many angles and causes to the diabetes problem, we will explore and address each cause, leave no stone unturned, nothing is sacred.

Pollution Problem – Dr. Hulda Clark says wood alcohol in manufacturing and processing of foods is a big culprit that attracts certain parasites to the pancreas and causes the pancreas to malfunction. Avoid processed, polluted food. Purchase and eat only clean, raw, organic food.

Parasite Problem – As mentioned above, parasites go to the organs where they don’t belong, in the case of diabetes, the pancreas are infested by Eurytrema pancreaticum, the pancreatic fluke of cattle. Parasite cleansing programs will do the job. Do both a Herbal Parasite Cleanse and an electronic parasite cleanse such as a zapper.

Liver and pancreas problems – colon cleanse, kidney cleanse and liver flushes will clear you of liver stones, will do wonders to heal everything inside. Orange juice fasting will heal the stomach and the stomach heals everything else.

Drug problem – drugs are poisons, drugs have problems, drugs cause more harm than good, drugs merely mask symptoms and makes your body compensate in harmful ways. This harmful religion must be stopped. Doing the diabetes cure protocol you will be able to measure how well your blood sugar is doing to the point you can throw away ALL your drugs finally and… forever.

Junk Food Problem – generations of miseducated people have no knowledge about what real food is. They buy packaged, processed, fast foods and they merely fry or microwave their “food”. This is an education problem.

Sweets Addiction Problem – Diabetics are unconsciously addicted to sweets and carbohydrates. First is to recognize the addiction. Second is the cure that addiction. The addiction is most probably brought about by fungus / yeast overgrowth. It is the yeast demanding the sugars to feed them. Will power alone is no match for these creatures. Expel them with a series of virgin coconut oil detoxes. Say goodbye to your addictions.

Starchy foods as staple food problem – Wheat (whole wheat and anything that has flour in it), Corn, Rice, Potatoes should never be the staple foods of humans. These are emergency, storable foods in bad times. Long term use results in a myriad of problems from blood sugar control problems to constant irritations and inflammatory conditions. If you are already sick, then it is time to stop using these starchy foods in your diet. Turn to good fats instead for energy: animal fats, extra virgin olive oil, coconut meat, coconut milk, raw butter, raw cream.

Wrong Food Pyramid Guide Problem – In this past century, a food pyramid guide was released to the general public and with pressure from corporate lobby groups have come up with the worst and absolutely wrong guide to human eating. This wrong food pyramid guide recommends a LOW FAT, HIGH CARBOHYDRATE (with potatoes, rice, wheat, corn) diet. This is an education problem. A paradigm problem. This pyramid must be abolished and replaced with a HIGH GOOD FATS diet and markedly LESS CARBOHYDRATES diet. Potatoes, rice, wheat and corn can be classified as unnecessary or even junk food.

Low Fat, Low essential fats problem – Depending on carbohydrates for energy gives people high and low energy sugar spikes. Switching to fats for energy gives people long, stable periods of satiation and energy. Eating a low fat diet should be fixed by switching to a high fat diet. Fats are healing and slimming. Not getting enough good fats forces the body to seek any kinds of fats which are usually bad fats like junk food and cooking oil in fried foods.

Vegan or Carnivorous or a combination? The long term diet can go either way as long as all your digestive processes are intact, you get a low carb, high fat diet.

For raw vegan diets, you will be dependent on extra virgin olive oil, avocados and coconut meat for your fats.

For those who eat meat, you can eat the fruits and the vegetables as the vegans and you must consume animal fats on a 1 part protein to 2.5 to 3.5 parts fat according to the Homo Optimus Diet. A raw version of the homo optimus diet would be ideal. Raw eggs, raw meat, raw fat, internal organs, brains, bone broths.

Here is a DVD that teaches the raw vegan approach to healing diabetes:

See the full DVD. Click here.

The 1 month healing diet I recommend for diabetics is a raw vegan high fat diet. Raw or lightly steamed vegetables. Zero grains. High amounts of fruit fats from extra virgin olive oil, raw coconut milk, raw avocados, durians. After that you can switch to non sweet fruits and add raw meats or even cooked fresh, non-condimented meats.

You don’t have to stay raw vegan for the rest of your life. A good maintenance diet that involves some cooked meats is the Homo Optimus Diet. A raw version of the Homo Optimus Diet is of course better. I personally like the Wai Diet.

Of course you do all the other protocols in the Cure Manual and all type 2 diabetes should be corrected in 1 month. Learn these new health habits, stay away from grains, bad fats, polluted processed products and you will be cured of diabetes PERMANENTLY.

This is where the truth leads to curing diabetes. Agricultural industries won’t like it. Feeding the masses will be a problem if everyone switched to a high fat low carbohydrate diet today. But this is the correct diet for humans.

Helpful websites for diabetes:

  • Rawfor30days – Inspiring Reality Movie. Curing diabetes the raw vegan way
  • Raw for Life DVD – Instructional DVD about how to go raw vegan and cure diabetes.
  • Death to Diabetes – Diet and more. Ex Diabetic Engineer DeWayne McCulley teaches you how to cure diabetes.
  • Diabetes Diet – by Dr. Barry Groves on diet. The cooked carnivorous way. (you can also do a raw version)
  • Homo Optimus Diet – by Dr. Jan Kwasniewski. The cooked carnivorous way. (you can also do a raw version)
  • Wai Genriiu Diet – A raw paleolithic diet using raw fruits, raw egg yolks, raw fish and good fats
  • Raw Paleolithic Diet – A collection by Vinny Pinto. Raw animal fat and meat versions of the diabetes diet above. More powerful than cooked method.
  • Healing Matters – by Thomas Smith. Teaches you how and why diabetes should be cured immediately as diabetes is a root cause of many more diseases.

Now Follow the Cure Manual and adjust accordingly to tailorfit for diabetes.