How to Cure Asthma

This is what my teacher Barefoot Herbalist MH has to say about asthma:

ALL foods eaten wrongly.

Some foods cause fast problems, but all foods are the problem. The system is over loaded with acid waste or elimination system that is lacking. WHEN MAXED OUT, the slightest wrong food can cause the throat to swell shut, etc.

The cure can only be the elimination of the waste.

The orange juice clinic was nicknamed the asthma clinic because once you learn how to eat, the self made asthma is eliminated first. I SEE ZERO REASON to live with asthma ONE SINGLE DAY………………………… You can STOP IT IN ONE DAY…

The waste attracts parasites, so complete cleansing is essential once you know your free of asthma conditions. To free your self, learn how to eat properly. This is acheived when the foods you eat cause no acid production from the stomach.

The asthma that is caused by one or two foods that allows the person to be symptom free for years, until that 1 food is accidently eaten, is differant, it only is cured by advanced fasting that removes the trapped waste of that food in the system. Once removed, then many times that food is actually enjoyed.

Herbs for asthma aids in the person to continue their wrong diet/habits, so with asthma it is better to just learn how to eat and be done with that problem for ever.

BOOK I explains medically all the problems wrong foods cause and the cure being proper combinations and naturally just not eating wrong non-human foods.

There is 2 theories:

1. the asthma person is sickly
2. the ashma person is very healthy and rejects all the bad foods.

I choose number 2.


My advice to parents of young children is this: stop feeding wheat products, milk products, corn products, soy products, avoid all trans fats and excitotoxins for 60 days. Cleanse your colon. Do the rest of the cure manual.