Pneumonia Cure

Many people, especially seniors die of pneumonia. This is a tragedy because pneumonia is a very simple condition if you knew what really causes it. Hospitals have the attitude that a senior citizen with pneumonia is likely to be a fatal combination and relay the same defeatist attitude to the relatives. This is caused by a mainly ignorant medical miseducation system.

Definition and Cause of Pneumonia

Pneumonia is your lungs and whole body filling up with mucus, eventually killing you due to lack of oxygen as you can’t breath enough. Mucus production is a natural body reaction caused by irritants in the air or in the food you eat. In its wisdom, the human body produces the mucus to transport the irritants out of the body. The main exit point of mucus is through the large intestines through anal excretion… poops. Mucus can’t exit if your pooping mechanism, your colon is constipated. The pneumonia bacteria being detected by lab tests are mostly your own bacteria in anaerobic form trying to digest the mucus waste which is stuck in your body.

How to Cure Pneumonia

Stop the production of more mucus via correct diet.

Remove sources of irritation that cause mucus formation. Get clean fresh air, no smoke, no dust. Eat only clean raw fruits for the moment as these are the easiest to digest. Remove and identify all mucus forming junk being given to the sick. Bread, crackers, pasta, pasteurized milk, all forms of cooked food. Only raw fruits first. Easiest to digest. If the patient is truly hungry he can have raw fatty animal foods.

Superior nutrition with many fresh raw local fruits in season.

Fresh air and direct sunlight.

Emergency detox methods.

1. Use of the fastest colon cleanser in your arsenal. Double dose of Doctor Tam’s Miracle Tea. 3 straight days of colon cleansing. Get to unclog the colon fast. Colon hydrotherapy will also do in the absense of a herbal colon cleanser.

2. Kidney cleansing via avocado leaves tea to clean the kidneys and to force the cleaning of the blood. Hopefully lessening the amount of drugs stored in the body.

3. Liver flushing. Unclog the liver. Do not let the drugs they pump into the patient in the hospital clog up and overwhelm the liver and cause the patient to die. Many pneumonia deaths are caused by drugs overwhelming the liver.

Note to the hospitalized and drugged.

Many of the pneumonia diagnosed patients will have been diagnosed while in the hospital and you are at the mercy of a usually ignorant hospital system. They will usually serve the wrong food and will administer the wrong methods. Here is what is in store for you to watch out.

The pharmaceutical / hospital approach of using drugs to expel mucus through the mouth is like using a straw to clean a toilet when flooded… the solution is to clean and unclog the drain! The other drug approach is to kill bacteria using antibiotics… wrongfully eliminating the garbage men trying to take out the trash — the mucus. The patient will still die of suffocation from their own mucus. The hospital / doctors do not care about pooping frequency, they see constipation as a non issue. The hospital / doctors do not care what patients eat, they think diet is mostly irrelevant and see drugs as your only salvation.

Your best bet is to find a way to be discharged immediately so you can care for the sick in your own home.

Why this method works.

We have done this method for my 88 year old grandmother and my 98 year old grandfather and we cured them despite hospital drugging and a fatal prognosis.

After the Pneumonia Cure

Follow the rest of this Cure Manual and begin with the Cure Manual Summary to nurse the sick back to vibrant health so that he will never have pneumonia again.