How to Cure Intussusception at Home Avoiding Surgery

Intussusception is the telescoping of one intestine stage into another.  Symptoms may cause pain, rectal bleeding, vomiting, urge to poop, not being able to eat or drink which may result in dehydration or extreme loss of blood and eventually death.  A CT-Scan will confirm this if you have time to spare.  The cause is most likely dehydration from water and from fat where the intestines are dried up and stick to one another.  This may be initially caused by amoeba, ingestion of strange foods that cause diarrhea or ingestion of foods that can suck up moisture and stick inside the walls of intestines such as flour based processed food.  In short, the intestines are stuck up or blocked.  It has to be unfurled and the blockage removed.

How to Cure Intussusception: Address the root causes.  The earlier the better.

0. Do not take drugs to alleviate pain or stomach spasms, these are body self defense mechanisms that we need to enable this cure.

1. Dehydration – The fastest way to address dehydration is to administer hydrating enemas.  Mix 5 tablespoons of sugar with 1 tablespoon of salt in 0.75 liters of filtered water at room temperature.  Administer the enema.  Take care to lubricate the tip of the enema tube and insert at the correct angle.  Adjust quantity according to the size of the patient.  Don’t force the water in.  If it stops going in the intestines are full.

The patient will feel the hydration and will look hydrated.

2.  Clear the intestines from the mouth down.  Orally take 2 ounces of castor oil, or more if you are an adult.  Don’t smell it, just swallow it.  Castor oil will begin a cleansing and lubricating process.

3. Dried Stuck Up intestines: Administer and hold unheated / raw oil enemas.  Try virgin coconut oil, try extra virgin olive oil — 6 ounces or more.  Change positions to make sure the oil goes in and around the intestines, lie on the left, on the right, on your stomach, raise your butt.  Repeat every hour as you see fit.

This procedure addresses both water / electrolyte hydration and fat deprivation.  In a few short hours, the patient should feel relieved and will poop out what needs to be pooped out.  His intestines should slide out with that kind of lubrication.

Intussusception Home Cure Kit: enema set, castor oil, extra virgin olive oil

Of course if this fails.  Seek medical help for surgery.

Intussusception diet after treatment above: Food has everything to do with it.  See to it that the patient is hydrated and raw fat supplied.   Do not ingest cooked meat / cooked animal food, it will putrefy in the gut.  Feed only raw animal food for ease of digestion.  Raw fats will provide hydration and lubrication to prevent the intestines from doing that again.  Best are raw beef live fat, raw bone marrow, raw coconut meat, raw butter, raw eggs.  Special intestine healing vegetables may help: okra, alugbati, saluyot.  Organic white rice is okay but mix it with raw mayonnaise or raw butter, extra virgin olive oil, ghee will also do.  No fruit or vegetable that is potentially inflammation causing.  No raw vegetables, they are difficult to digest.  Fruits for healing are coconuts, duhat, kayumito, watermelon, durian. Follow a sensible paleo diet of raw meat and cooked vegetables.

I would like to acknowledge and say thanks to Vander Gaditano for the hydration, the castor oil and the diet plan.  I would like to recognize Dr. Charles P.B. Clubbe for publishing his 1897 essay: Notes on Fifteen Cases of Intussusception which included the administration of oil enemas.

Yes, this really works for us.  Hope it works for you too.  Good skill.