Andreas Moritz’ Gall Bladder / Liver Flush

Andreas Moritz is a healer who used to moderate his own forum at Since then he has written books on healing. Part of his healing protocol is using apple juice + the epsom salts + water + lemons + extra virgin olive oil. Know more about Andreas Moritz at

If this is the very first time you are doing a liver / gall bladder cleanse then this is my recommended liver flush. Unless you are diabetic and feel apple juice is too sweet for you.

Apple Juice

You will need to buy 5 of these 1 liter cartons for this liver flush.

PART I – 5 days of drinking 1 liter of apple juice daily. So you get 1 liter apple juice, not from concentrate. Drink your 1 liter spaced throughout the day. And do the same thing for 5 days. This is like the old saying “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”. There is some truth in that where the nutrients in apples cleanse the liver. And soften stones. Making the liver flow freely. Preparing the liver for the olive oil and lemon combination at day 6.

PART II – day number 6. Olive oil and lemon liver flush.

This liver flush method section is done using just Epsom Salts, Water, Lemons and Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Materials needed for this liver flush.

In my own words:

Eat no fat during breakfast and lunch. This means no animal food sources, no oils, no frying, no milk, no fish, no cheese, no butter.

Stop eating and drinking by 2pm.

By 6 pm mix 1 tablespoon of epsom salts with 3/4 cup of cool water. (tastes better when cold) Drink up. This will cause bowel movement.

By 8pm, repeat the epsom salts and water for more bowel movement.

By 9:45pm, prepare by squeezing and filtering up to 1/2 cup of lemon juice. Mix with 1/2 cup of extra virgin olive oil. Mix thoroughly.

By 10 pm, drink while standing up.

Lie down and go to sleep immediately.

By 7am drink another epsom salts and water dose for bowel movement. (optional)

By 9am do the same. (optional)

By 11am you can take some fruits and vegetables, light meals.

This is the way I understood and execute Andreas Moritz’ Liver Flush from memory.  His description in his original books may vary.  Visit Andreas Moritz’ website at