The Healing Diet is a 100% RAW Paleo Diet

Raw Fruitarian is my recommended healing diet. Some people may choose raw paleolithic instead. See what works for you.

Immediately after one of the fasts you chose, you can go straight fruitarian. Gauge the strategy accordingly. You may follow Dr. Tam Mateo’s strategy, Barefoot’s strategy or Wai Diet strategy. Eat mono meals. Eat mono meals. Eat mono meals.

  1. Dr. Tam Mateo’s Strategy: 1 kind of fruit in the morning, vegetables + coconut milk in the afternoon, 1 kind of fruit in the evening. Only 3 meals a day. Eat as much as you want per meal.
  2. Raw Fruitarian Strategy: Barefoot MH style is only 1 meal at around 5 to 6 pm everyday. Each as much of the 1 kind of fruit in that 1 meal.
  3. Wai Diet Strategy: Eat 8 to 9 meals a day. Raw fruits with a little raw egg yolks or raw fish.
  4. Raw Paleolithic Strategy: 1 meal of fruit. Other meals raw eggs, raw animal fats and some raw animal meat on a ratio of 2 parts raw fat to 1 part raw meat.

If you feel you need raw food coaching, you can purchase a DVD or contact a raw food coach in your area. You can scoure the raw food websites, and raw food message boards and network with other raw foodists. I will list down websites and support groups here.

Remember that fruits are bowel moving and vegetables are constipating. There is nothing in vegetables that raw fruits cannot deliver.

To avoid being hungry all the time, remember to eat your fats. Fats can come in coconut meat, coconut milk, avocados, durians, virgin coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil, raw organic / fertile egg yolks, raw animal fats (fatty fish for example).

You will experience the fastest and easiest bowel movements under a raw fruitarian high good fats diet. Remember constipation being the root of all diseases? You will be clean and supplied with superior nutrients daily.

Pick ripe, organic, wild not genetically over sweetened fruits. You raw food coach in your area should be able to teach you where and what to buy.

I live in the Philippines and most letter senders write me that I’m lucky I live in a tropical country so I can easily do fruitarian. I explain that I learned fruitarianism from Americans!

I recommend raw fruitarian, but there are cases and areas around the world where raw paleolithic will be more appropriate. It is your call.


If you are diabetic you will have to use raw vegetables.  You can lightly steam or use a blender for your vegetables.  Remember to eat your good fats so you will feel full.


Humans need to eat a lot of good fats.  It is almost impossible to do a healing diet without good fats. You will feel hungry all the time and may wind up eating junk food instead.