Skin Cleansing

This detoxification method is meant to reactivate dormant skin pores. The skin is the body’s largest organ. The skin must be rejuvenated to get it back into the action of contributing to health.

Professional steam bathing is the answer.

Find a professional therapeautic grade steam bathing professional in your area. Experience what level of sweating it entails. Only then can you do this yourself at home to save on expenses, and you can do it more frequently. Remember to hydrate yourself with warm water with some rock salt.

Steam bathing can be as simple as sitting on a plastic chair, getting a rice cooker underneath your chair and letting the water boil. You cover yourself with a blanket up to your neck to contain the steam.

The sick can do one or two steam baths in a day depending on their illness. This is a judgement call.

My brother was lucky to have found a center that provided professional steam baths. His entire body skin was at the point of non-functional, non-sweating, with thick old skin damaged by years of lotions, chemicals, drugs, and petroleum jelly. Oh, they did more than just professional steam bathing, but that is a long story.

In the Philippines, see

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