You must look into more hydrating methods other than drinking plain old water.

The best man made water is home distilled water or home reverse osmosis water (1-2 TDS). But man made water is inferior to NATURE made water.

The best water is nature structured water locked in fruits: coconut juice, oranges, papayas, mangoes, kayumito, guavas, watermelons, melons, all these fruits will hydrate your body much more efficiently than plain old water. I think 90% of the plain old water people drink are uselessly peed away instead of being circulated for use in the body.

Drinking too much plain old water can drown you, literally, really, causes an imbalance. Depend on raw fruits and raw vegetables like cucumbers to hydrate you instead of plain old water, you won’t get an overdose.

Sticking to a mostly RAW fruits or RAW meats diet will hydrate you more than adequately with the least amount of supplemental water needed.

I am lucky to live in a tropical country so we use fresh coconut juice as water.

I hardly ever drink supplemental water.

Drinking supplemental water is littered with dangers and pollution. Commercial junk is sold regularly to an unsuspecting public such as packaged juices, bottled drinks, soda, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Even bottled distilled water is fraught with pollution from machinery in the bottling process.

The best distiller… bar none… are the trees. Fruits give you the cleanest, most refreshing, properly structured water.