Foods to Avoid

Eat only Human Food. (Raw ripe fruits, raw nuts you shell yourself, raw freshly killed animal foods)

Never eat non-human food. If you do eat non-human food, it is best to take a dose of your colon cleanser and flush out the offending items immediately from your body.

You must identify non-human foods, foods that you think are marketed as good for you but are in fact harmful.

I do not recommend vegetables. Fruits are far superior to vegetables. Fruits taste better than vegetables too!

If you insist on eating vegetables, make sure you AVOID NIGHTSHADES:

  • Tomatoes: raw, in sauces, in salad, in cooking, they are everywhere
  • Potatoes: raw, cooked, mashed, french fries, chips
  • Peppers: bell peppers, chili peppers
  • Tobacco: don’t smoke
  • Eggplants: raw or cooked, they are not for you.

Nightshades are well known in the eczema, psoriasis and arthritis circles. They are poisonous to people in varying degrees. You are reading this because you or a loved one is very sick. Don’t take chances, avoid nightshades.


In the Philippines, the yellow mangoes are intensely farmed with the use of many fertilizers and pesticides.  I do not recommend yellow mangoes in a healing diet.  Green indian mangoes grow wild on the other hand.  I live in a tropical country so by default many fruits grow wild and organic: coconuts, bananas, kayumito, santol, guava, citrus, etc.

Avoid imported fruits.  Eat local.  Imported fruits have long transit time and are given sprays, irradiation and other chemical means to retain freshness.  Since I live in the Philippines, I avoid apples, pears, grapes and oranges.  If I lived in the USA like my relatives, I wouldn’t be eating the bananas and coconuts we export there.


Industrial farmed vegetables are those not organic.  You will be eating chemical and waste fertilizer, sewer water, pesticides, chemicals, preservatives in the market from unscrupulous vendors. Buy organic.


Farmed fish are fed feeds and they swim, eat, drink and breath their own feces.  Farmed land animals are fed an unnatural diet of grains, hormones, antibiotics to fatten them and make them grow faster and fatter.  These animals are sickly with short lifespans.  Never eat sickly animals.  The eggs from industrial farms are nothing but chicken menstruation and can never hatch into chicks.  Eat only healthy animals.  In Manila I have access to wild ocean fish, grass fed goats, grass fed cows and native chickens if you take care of them in your own back yard.


  • Wheat: flour, bread, any wheat product
  • Cow Milk: Avoid All forms of dairy, cheese, butter, low fat, pasteurized milk, etc.
  • Soy: The whole industrial scam has been exposed. Soy is dangerous to our health.
  • Corn: By and large indigestible in common form. The only digestible form is when you pluck fresh ripe corn from the stalk and eat immediately without cooking. Most are GMO today.
  • All non-raw nuts: they are decaying and full of aflatoxins that poison you.
  • All Legumes: Peanuts are Legumes for example, full of aflatoxins that poison you.

See Dogtor J. on Food Intolerance.

These stored produce decay and are full of aflatoxins. These produces of agriculture feed the masses at the expense of health. They are NOT FRESH, They are NOT RAW. The very sick cannot afford to be poisoned any further.


In the healing phase of your diet you were taught to eat 100% raw. You will learn the value of freshness. If it is a fruit, the fruit must be at the ripe time. If the food is from animal sources, it must be freshly killed.

All processed foods (packed, bottled, canned, boxed, etc) are UNFRESH food and should only be consumed on emergency basis: in times of war or famine.


In fact, if you are following a raw food diet, you hardly need to drink supplemental water! Why? Because raw food is hydrating and gives you all the water you need in a superior structured form. Note that coconut juice is far superior than any distilled water.

This means no soda, no packed juices, no wine, no form of alcohol, no branded products, no soya milk, no tea, no coffee, etc.