Edwin’s 2 day apple juice fast + liver flush

The history of this liver flush is my anthroposophic doctor recommended I do a liver flush and she wrote down her formula using fresh apples. But since I live in the Philippines and the apples we get are imported, they most probably have been sprayed, irradiated and probably not organic, I decided to go around the supermarket for apple juice in cartons which do not come from concentrate. You can use those bottled organic apple juices as well. See what suits your taste and what is available in your area.

This protocol has been modified due to my experience in liver flushing. Some 20 times using different protocols.

Edwin Casimero’s Apple Juice, Olive Oil and Lemon Gallbladder / Liver Flush

(Not for diabetics. If you are diabetic, use the Hulda Clark liver flush)

This flush takes 3 days.


Buy apple juice in cartons. Not-from-concentrate. Straight from the apples. The brand I usually buy is Ceres or Harvey Fresh.

Buy human ingestible Epsom Salts. I get mine from any store of www.HealthyOptions.com.ph or from a chemical factory such as Alysons Chemicals.

Buy 3 big lemons or 4 small lemons. Alternatively you can buy 2 small grapefruits.

Buy a small 8.5 oz glass of extra virgin olive oil.

Have a measuring cup ready.


Drink and eat ONLY apple juice for 2 days. Nothing else. Beginning 8am, drink 16 ounces of apple juice every 2 hours until the hour you sleep. Sleep by 9pm. You can take some distilled water if still thirsty.

On the evening of the 2nd day stop drinking apple juice by 4pm.

By 6pm, mix 1 tablespoon of Epsom Salts in 1 cup of apple juice. Drink. This will induce bowel movement.

Around 9pm, mix 4 ounces (1/2 cup) of extra virgin olive oil plus 4 ounces of freshly squeezed and filtered lemon juice or 6 ounces of freshly squeezed and filtered grapefruit juice. Shake well.

While standing straight, drink the entire concoction within 5 minutes. Think nice happy thoughts, or think that this liver flush is going to help cure your disease for that extra determination since many people find drinking this much olive oil unpleasant.

Lie down immediately on your right side and sleep and stay in this position for at least 5 hours.

In the morning at 7am, to help you evacuate your bowels faster, take 1 tablespoon of epsom salt in 3/4 cup of water or apple juice. At 9am, take another 1 tablespoon of epsom salts in 3/4 cup of water or apple juice.

By 10 am you can start taking fruits and only fruits until lunch time.

Expect diarrhea in the morning and in the afternoon so stay near the toilet.

You can use a collander to gather all the stones you poop out in the toilet. I just photograph my stones in the bowl.


Lots of farting on the 1st day of the apple juice fast.

Pooping out sludge, stuck up bile, stuck up cholesterol on the 2nd day of the apple juice fast.

Unloading a few, to a dozen, to hundreds of stones on the 3rd day.

You may feel nauseous in the morning of the 3rd day.

It is possible to expel zero stones the first time. Do not let this discourage you. Try a 2nd and 3rd time. If you are stone free for 3 straight liver flushes, you can stop liver flushing.

What some liver stones may look like:

One of my liver stones after my 4th liver flush.

Some of my brother’s black liver stones.

One of my bigger liver stones cut in half

Some green liver stones

Spacing Liver Flushes:

I suggest spacing liver flushes 2 to 4 weeks apart.

When to stop liver flushing:

I suggest to stop at the 10th liver flush. I assume you have been taking lecithin supplements everyday so you won’t need to liver flush ever again. I assume you have fixed your diet as well.

Liver Flush Support:

There is a liver flush support forum on CureZone.com at http://curezone.com/cleanse/liver/default.asp and http://curezone.com/forums/f.asp?f=100004