Sleep and Rest

The short and sweet discussion of sleeping is that you should be in bed before 10pm every night.

Humans are daytime creatures and sleeping time is before 10pm every night. If you have work or a job that makes you a night owl and you are sick, it is best to find a new line of work if you ever want to get well.

There is such a thing as human cycles and human rhythms. Sleeping before 10pm assures you get the deepest sleep, the most restful sleep, the most beneficial sleep that recharges you and allows your liver to clean your blood.

Think of your sick self as an athlete… in training. If you are going to win an olympic medal you need your beauty sleep. If you want to achieve anything, you need your sleep.

My growing children’s bed time is 8 pm.

I’m just asking you sick adults to sleep by 10pm.

How to be able to achieve this?

1. Replace your light bulbs with warm colored incandescent looking bulbs so your sleepy feelings are not suppressed.

2. Do not watch any television after 6 pm.

3. Eat your dinner around 6 pm.

Many sick people embarassingly admit their sleeping schedules are upside down for one reason or the other. Make no excuses to me about your sleeping schedule. This is what needs to be done so just do it. You can read up on sleep in any of the references I give under mind cures.