Book: Health Via Food

Doctor William Hay was one of the greatest doctors of his time. This book was written in 1929. Dr. Hay gave up surgery when through his personal experience of curing his own Bright’s Disease he discovered healing via food.

See? There is nothing like experiencing and self experimenting, you know every little detail.

Doctor Hay is one of the biggest medical heretics in the USA in the 20th century. He fought for true health and true cures. He fought vaccination in congress. This book is an inspiration to show you that many great people have known about true health and true cures for “incurables” for a very long time.

This book is just about food, mind you. There is more to healing than just food.

Doctor William Hay was Medical Director of the EAST AURORA SUN AND DIET SANATORIUM, INC. and SUN-DIET HEALTH SERVICE, INC.

Doctor Hay is famous for administering the Orange Juice Fast which cured tens of thousands of people, no matter what disease they are diagnosed with.

Today, it is Barefoot Herbalist MH who is bringing back this knowledge in the 21st century. Not only though written text but with videos as well.

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