AIDS has little if anything to do with promiscuity and condoms. That is all total bunk and sorry distractions.

How to cure AIDS:

Aids is really caused by Benzene pollution, which attracts the intestinal flukes to the thymus and with that parasite infestation, AIDS is manifested. The cure is to remove all sources of Benzene pollution and kill the parasites with a combination of herbal parasite cleansing and zapping, then nurse the human back to health with REAL HEALING. That is it.

See a better explanation and cure for AIDS in Curezone, click here.

If you or a loved one has been diagnosed of AIDS, just calmly buy Dr. Hulda Clark’s book The Cure for All HIV/AIDS. Follow the pollution avoidance and parasite cleansing procedures. Click here to buy the book.

While waiting for that book to arrive, download a free copy of Dr Hulda Clark’s book Cure for All Diseases and immediately go to the HIV/AIDS pages and follow her instructions there in pages 351 to 356.

We have to thank Dr. Hulda Clark in her pioneering work. The “official” media AIDS hype will brand Hulda Clark as just another quack with her Zapper.

I have to correct that black propaganda. First of all, the zapper works to a degree. The zapper plans were donated by Dr. Hulda Clark for the whole of humanity. The zapper plans are open source for anyone who wants to build a zapper and improve on it. Thus there are many zapper manufacturers and do it yourself zapper makers. And many people have improved on the original zapper plans.

Dr. Hulda Clark never said zappers cure AIDS, that is false attribution. Dr. Hulda Clark exposes fluke worms infesting thymuses which were polluted by benzene in the first place. Dr. Hulda Clark recommended BOTH Herbal Parasite Cleansing and Zapping.

Herbal parasite cleansing is open source and unpatented. There are several sources of herbal parasite cleansers. I have personally tried 2 brands. Humaworm and Barefoot Herbalist MH Dewormer.

Once the benzene pollution and fluke worms have been taken cared of, just follow the rest of the Cure Manual, beginning with the summary and you will be curing yourself of AIDS.

Benzene Detoxification from

Protocol for Benzene Detoxificcation

Taken from the “Rethink” discussion group, 12 Dec 95
Post by William Lamb, Ph.D.

RE: Protocol for benzene detoxification

Dear Stephen Gregory:

Yes, Steve, anything I send to you or anyone is okay for reposting. I appreciate your assistance in making this life saving information available to anyone who will listen.

Most will not believe me; I accept that. But for those that have the guts to take control of their own health and destiny, I hav a proven method that will restore your health. It flies in the face of many misconceptions dogmaticlly supported by the Medical Industrial Complex, but it is truth that can be supported by scientific realities, facts and by which each person can demonstrate for their self in their own body. I was forced to decipher fact from fiction in order to save my own life in 1989.

I have numerous x-ray studies that have been published in scientific chemical journals that show the chemical structure of HIV to be benzene and benzol compounds. When I get the bibliography typed, I will send you a copy so that anyone can go to a major university library and get a copy of these studies. They are surrounded in mystery and HIV doublespeak that can not explain why these benzene masses, they call them “HIV dimmers”, are formed.

I’ll tell you how they are formed. They are formed as air pollution from gasoline engines. The gasoline in Paris, Africa, Moscow and your town all have one to two percent (1-2%) benzene added to prevent detonation knock. That is why HIV the world over look similar under themicroscope. They are all composed of a six-sided carbon ring compound called benzene.

Regarding your concerns that people who have chronic fatigue, MCS, AIDS and other environmental illnesses do not tolerate sunlight well. That is absolutely correct, but that is also the reason that UV light (sunlight) is the fastest and most powerful way to reverse these conditions.

However, there are two approaches to detoxification of an acquired benzene condition. There is a biochemical approach and a photobiochemical approach. That is why the title of my protocol has both of these terms. Used together, they work synergistly for the fastest recovery and maximum benefit. But each procedure will also work independent of the other.

As John Javilk pointed out, yes, the health body can break down benzene, even toxic benzene to some extent. But when the human body is exposed to high levels of toxic hydrocarbons acetaldehyde and benzene from the high levels of invisalbe air pollution, the immune system is depeleted day after day and year after year until you are said to have acquired an immune deficiency. You acquire this benzene buildup over time because your body does not have enough of the essential nutrients to detoxify the quantities of hydrocarbons taken in. Therefore, you have developed massive nutritional deficiences at the cellular level and it is these deficiencies that prevent the body from breaking down these toxins. When you provide these deficient nutrients in sufficient quantities, the body is then able to break down these benzene compounds and recover.

This is not academic theory I cite but absolutely proven personal experience and documented case studies.

You will note that I published my findings about five years before Hulda Clark published her book. And I know a few things that she has yet to discover. Don’t get me wrong, I respect Dr. Hulda Clark and say that she single handedly accomplished more that all the entire United States government agencies combined with over six billion dollars ($6,000,000,000) for research in ten years. But Hulda Clark did not and has not cured anyone of AIDS yet.

She has converted several to P-24 Antigen sero-negative and greatly diminished their toxic benzene condition. However, she also reports that many of those that she converted to sero- negative were sero-positive again by the time her book went to print. She attributes that to the fact that they were reinfected with flukes.

I say she is wrong about this one detail. There is such a thing as flukes and she found some, which her herbs killed. However, I believe it is the high levels of Nitrogen compounds inthe walnut hull tinture that broke the benzene polymer chains that were forming in the victim’s bowel. This flushed benzene masses and benzene polymer chains out with the bowel movement.

Dr. Clark isolated and photographed these masses and they are shown on page two of her book, The Cure for HIV and AIDS. She says the black hairy legs are strings of eggs. I say she is wrong; they are benzene polymer chains. You can not cure AIDS until you shut off the continued exposure to benzene and Dr. Clark does not recognize that there are massive benzene clouds that hang over all major freeways and metropolitan areas.

The x-rayed chemical structures of HIV-I, HIV-II and LAV/HTLV-III do not show fluke structures throughout the muscles, bones and vital organs of these individuals. They show masses of benzene compounds. These masses will not break down and go away with a few herbs. Dr.Clark will have to admit that I am right before she is through. In the mean time you might as well get started on a cure that works, and will contine to work for the rest of your life.

Now to address your problem and the problem of many others in detoxifying benzene. If the sun makes you sick, stay out of the sun and start my Nutritional Detoxification protocol. Start slowly, but remember the slower you go, the longer it will take. Eventually you must take aggressive action to reverse these conditions or they will only get worse. I recommend:

1) Eat Fresh whole lemons or the inner white peeling and the lemon juice. The cytochrome enzymes are very powerful benzene detoxicant as well as the niacin, vitamin C and phosphates in the lemon. I ate 10-12 per day after I got started.

2) Take high levels of niacin. Start at 50-100 mg two to three (2-3) times per day and see how bad the flush, itching and headache level will be. Gradually increase and take what you feel you can tolerate. The longer you are on it, the more you can tolerate until it will not have a noticeable effect once your body is detoxified of benzene. I took 1,000 mg at two-hour intervals for a total of 10-12 grams per day for about three months. Most people will not tolerate the side effects of half that much. I say how fast do you want to get well?

There have been reports posted on the internet cautioning people about the adverse effects of taking niacin. These are not due to the bad effects of the niacin, they are due to the bad effects of the benzene concentrations in these individuals. Without enough niacin, the detoxification of benzene can produce small areas of Nylon 6 polymer scars. The niacin critiques blame these wart-like scars on the wrong causative agent. Treatment with ultra Violet light therapy will eventually remove these scars.

3) Take high levels of B-complex. Due to the high amount of the intestinal wall that is polymerized and the diminished absorption factor, I took B Total liquid by mouth and B-12 by Nasal gel as well as the pill forms. High levels of B-3, B-6 and B-12 are particularly critical.

Judge the amount of B vitamins your body needs by the urine color. If the urine is clear, your body is using up all the B vitamins you are taking, even though you may be taking 30 to 300 times the RDA. You need to take enough to keep your urine a light straw color, if possible for optimum benzene detoxification.

If your urine is brown in color and has an odor, this indicates that your body is flushing out nitrobenzene, phenol compounds and benzyl compounds. Eliminate you continued exposure to benzene and intensify your detoxification efforts and this will go away with time.

4) Take vitamin C supplements, esther form, if possible. AIDS individuals and people with acquired benzene conditions do not tolerate vitamin C very well either. Actually it is the benzene compound that can not tolerate the vitamin C. It like the niacin and B-complex may cause skin eruptions of a silvery-white powder as the benzene is detoxified. Do not be alarmed if this should happen. It is a beneficial side effect of benzene detoxification. It may also cause headaches as the benzene compounds on the brain are detoxified. Don’t take so much supplements that these two side effects become intolerable.

5) Take an amino acid supplement that contains all essential amino acids, eat a high amino acid and cholesterol diet and take additional supplements of sulfur containing amino acids particularly cysteine and/or glutathione.

6) Take quinine sulfate, iron sulfate and zinc sulfate. I worked up to 1,000 mg of quinine sulfate a day, which I divided into spaced intervals. Quinine has a unique branched carbon structure that is beneficial in detoxifying benzene.

7) Take calcium, phosphate, vitamin D, vitamin A, vitamin E and magnesium supplements. I took about three to five times the RDA of dicalcium phosphate with vitamin D. This not only helps to detoxify the benzene but also replaces the NAD and NADP coenzymes that are essential for the immunity and health of each cell. The magnesium deficiency must be overcome to restore normal neurotransmitter hormone function and eliminate mental depression and anxiety.

8) To prevent cataracts from forming and to remove cataracts that have formed, take the amino acid glutathione, vitamin B-2, B-3, B-6, B-12, B-complex, vitamin C, calcium potassium and selenium. These work to detoxify the benzene compounds in the eye that cause the cataracts.

Prolonged benzene exposure can lead to benzene formations in the lens of the eye. This benzene induces cross linking of soluble and nucleic acid proteins. These benzene polymer chains appear as a mass of white thread-like structures that cloud the lens of the eye and greatly diminish the normal transmission of light through the lens into the eye. The current medical practice is to surgically remove the clouded lens and replace it with a permanent plastic eye lens that grows back into the eye.

I had some of this clouding of the lens and was able to break down the benzene and benzene polymer chains with indirect UV light from the tanning bed facial units over the period of several months.

This cured the condition without surgery. However, you MUST be very careful not to over expose the eye or take direct UV rays into the optic nerves which will result in extreme pain for several days and may damage the eye.

The biggest risk of cataracts from benzene exposure is inside the eye, which they refer to as a central nuclear cataract. The benzolglucoseamine form goes into the aqueous humor. Due to the deficiency of glutathione within the eye, the benzene is not immediately detoxified and the sunlight breaks down the benzene and the white benzene carbon masses are free floating or can attach to the iris where they block the transmission of light. It took me some time to understand and document this process, so I was almost blind in 1990 before I figured out how to reverse this process with nutrition and UV light therapy.

That is why I am keenly aware that as you are detoxifying the rest of your body from benzene, you need to monitor the possible formation of cataracts so that the cataracts may be prevented and cured without surgery.

Now, all these biochemical benzene detoxification procedures will work regardless of whether you expose your body to UV light or not.

If however, you will try the tanning bed treatments (Photo-biochemical Benzene Detoxification Treatments), you will more than double the speed of your recovery and return to a healthy immune system.

I found that two hours of sun would make me very ill with flu-like symptoms, elevated temperature, nausea, headache, incredible aches and pains as well as congestion of the lungs like a severe case of the flu. Like you, it would take me one to three days at least, to recover my former strength.

So I know what you and others are experiencing. I found that I could tolerate the UV light treatment better in a tanning booth with two fans for maximum cooling during and after the exposure. If you start with low exposure times of say 10-15 minutes per treatment and take at least three and preferable five treatments per week, you will soon find that the treatments will become less traumatic and your exposure times can be increased.

I expect that by the end of two weeks you will be feeling better and want to extend the exposure time to 30 minutes per day and take a treatment every day. The more UV radiation, exposure time, that you get, the healthier you will become and the more exposure time you can tolerate. Soon you will feel so good and have so much energy that you will feel depressed and drained unless you get your daily UV light treatment.

At this point you must continue the UV light treatments at least several times per week until your body is completely detoxified. Once you see this miracle of light in your own body, you will be like me and want to tell everyone how to prevent and cure these conditions. But you will find like I have, that most people will NOT believe that it is that simple to cure AIDS, MCS, cancer and other acquired benzene conditions. I hope this is helpful.

William Lamb, Ph.D.
Research Director

Follow on with The Cure Manual Summary. to nurse yourself back to health.