How to Cure Erectile Dysfunction

Disclaimer: This article is for men and only men. Women should not read this… unless you are an understanding woman who truly unselfishly loves your man like you do your own son, then you will want your man to be truly cured of his erectile dysfunction. For his own health, without the use and abuse and side effects of those erectile dysfunction drugs. This is a male only discussion and I will not pander to female complaints.

Curing erectile dysfunction to a man as a goal may be the most prized carrot ever. One that makes a man want to truly get well from his diseased state. I have written everything the sick need to do in this cure manual. But will a man want to do these? Promise him he will have his erections back and he may just be excited enough to do so. They do so.

This is true erectile dysfunction cure. Which needs to recognize true causes of erectile dysfunction first. Erectile dysfunction is not an age issue. Men are supposed to be as fertile and erect from 20 to 90 as long as we are healthy. The main cause of erectile dysfunction is it is a health issue. The man is simply not healthy. If you are having ED issues, you have a health problem. You need to address your health problem in its totality. You need to be NATURALLY cured of everything, real cure, not those drug and surgery treatments. If you are taking maintenance drugs, then you may never be naturally cured of erectile dysfunction.

Causes of erectile dysfunction due to health issues are plenty. Take your pick of the symptoms: constipation, reduced kidney function which leads to high blood pressure, congested liver which leads to fatty liver, high cholesterol, liver stones, which lead to adrenal problems, which leads to dirty blood, which fouls up your entire system. More causes are bad food, malnutrition, following the food pyramid which is in the first place wrong and inhuman… which leads to diabetes… and blood sugar problems… yet you follow the food pyramid because your white coat priest told you to. So you take some form of maintenance drug to follow some “numbers” in his study. What a big fat joke at your erectile dysfunction expense.

The cure for erectile dysfunction is merely addressing the root causes. The root cause of erectile dysfunction is deteriorating health. All that needs to be done is to have increasing, excellent health. Your body is replenished, full of health and nutrition, your balls start producing sperm again, your prostate starts producing seminal fluid again… you regain erections… you are back, back in business!

Anyone can follow my free cancer cure protocol in this website. But I can give you a short cut outline about what to do specifically for erectile dysfunction:

– Your diet must be a raw paleolithic diet. A partially cooked paleo diet will be a good start, but the rawer, the better. High fat diet. Can be high fat low carb, or high fat medium carb, or even high fat, high carb at times. Join the support forums: for raw and for cooked.

– Eat special organic foods: raw oysters, raw liver, raw clams, raw eggs.

– Remove colon constipation, do a colon cleanse with a colon cleanse you can get your hands on. Colosan, Oxypowder, Dr. Tam’s, Castor Oil. Finish the program. Stop eating those idiotic fiber supplements and fiber food. Fiber supplementation is absolutely wrong and the opposite of what you should be doing. Eat a high animal fat diet with some moving organic fruit and you will have a flawless colon.

– Kidney cleansing. Do your kidney cleanses. Use the avocado leaves tea cleanse, or eat a ton of watermelon a day. Or fast on coconuts for a day. Just do it.

– Move on to egg yolk liver flushing… and specifically egg yolk liver flushing… not those olive oil liver flushes. Egg yolk liver flushing because egg yolks are both cleansing and nourishing at the same time. Do 4 straight mornings of egg yolk liver flushing. Then rest for 3 to 7 days. Then repeat the 4 day egg yolk liver flushing cycle. As long as you smell sewage in your poop after egg yolk liver flushing, keep repeating the cycles until all bad smell is gone.

– Liver flushing may dump dirt on your kidneys again so you might have to repeat kidney cleansing as well in a cycle with liver flushing.

– You need to sleep well. Sleep early. Sleep grounded. Sleep with new air flow, open windows. Must be asleep 10pm to 2am as that is the healing cycle.

Focus. Focus on “her”. Dream about “her,” wanting “her.” Your goal. After a few months, maybe 2 or 3 months (depending on how sick you were), you will notice an awakening. I suggest you do some self “expression” first as you may have old sludge in your prostate. That needs emission, out the door. Not in “her” yet. You don’t want to pollute her.

The healthier you get, the more naturally manly you will get. Until you are back to your old playboy self and you completely forget that you had ED in the first place. Use it. Use it regularly. Don’t abuse it. There’s such a thing as doing it only when you feel like it. Natural sex is healthy sex. Let it come naturally. Never force it. When you desire it, it will always be there for you.

Eat raw oysters regularly and you will never run out of “jing” or “life essence”. If you have a problem with digesting oysters, I suggest you get into a big round of probiotics overdosing / therapeutic dosing. Something like 10 capsules of OMX probiotics a day for 1 week or 2 weeks. And continue with your raw meat and raw fat in your raw paleo diet. The animal instinct, the manly instinct will be there with you, all the time.

And you may be surprised to find out, you will have conquered all other health issues and challenges you had, because the erectile dysfunction cure was an effective carrot.

I write this out of my own experience. I was fat and sickly at 33 and today at 41 today I look better, feel better and perform much much better… and overcame secondary infertility.

I write this out of the experience of healing other men. Mamerto Balthazar today 60 is a raging playboy. In 2008 had terminal liver cancer, 6 months to live, and had total erectile dysfunction since 2000. Eight years of erectile dysfunction. Restarted his playboy lifestyle in 2009 and bull strong at present in 2011.

Another man erectile dysfunction cured is Oliver Ignacio, 47 years old today, 5 years of erectile dysfunction. He came to me with kidney and bladder pain problems and in the course of his healing was surprised he had cured his erectile dysfunction ahead of his kidneys.

The knowledge to cure your erectile dysfunction is now yours. What you do with your newfound health powers will be up to you.

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