Thoughts & Emotions

Andreas Moritz has this to say about thoughts and emotions. Something we should keep in mind all the time:

All thoughts and feelings are readily translated into biochemical compounds within the brain and within every other part of the body, thereby altering physical appearance and performance. In fact, every bit of mental activity leaves us with a specific physical sensation, known as emotion. Emotions are composites of both mental impulses and physical effects and they express the totality of your health at any given time.

A fascinating study showed that happy people are the least likely to catch colds, regardless how often you expose them to a cold virus. Also people who are in love show a higher resistance to disease. To create a positive state of health can be a powerful happiness-generating event. Happiness returns spontaneously in a person who, suffering from a cold or a disease, starts to feel better again. Only happiness and health are attractive to us; disease isn’t. Unhappy people can never be truly healthy, just as nhealthy people can never be truly happy. A person who suffers from cancer and learns to apply the methods of regaining his happiness described in this book may suddenly cure himself, but if he continues hating his mother, father or ex-spouse, then even these or similar therapies are bound to be unsuccessful in the long-term. By focusing on disease or negativity in life one remains trapped in unresolved cycles of anger and conflicts. This, in turn, will have a powerful immune-suppressive effect and prevent true healing from taking place. The focus on the destructive characteristics of a disease – widely known as symptoms of disease – cannot serve as a source of inspiration to procure a true healing response and bring about an ever-evolving state of health. There is, in fact, nothing to be gained from a fascination with disease. In contrast, there is everything to be gained from a fascination with health.

— Andreas Moritz, Timeless Secrets of Health and Rejuvenation

I will refer you to the book of Mr. Moritz, he is the emotion and thoughts expert.

For those who prefer another method, many people are into Emotional Freedom Technique.

Many more Filipinos are into prayer and friendships.

See what works for you and what ultimately makes you happy. You know happy thoughts lead to healthy lives. Just do it then.