Dental Cleanse

All mercury fillings must be replaced.

Here is absolute proof that mercury fillings are toxic.

Dental cleanse is correcting the mistakes of conventional dentistry. Unfortunately, conventional dentistry is the culprit in this area. Their technology and their profit centers do more harm than good.

All root canals must be extracted. Root canalled teeth are dead teeth and have no business being stuck in your jaw causing illness. If you want to get well, this must be done now.

All mercury fillings / amalgams / black metal fillings must be replaced or extracted. No metals must remain in the mouth. Especially mercury.

All dead / root canaled teeth must be extracted. This is non-negotiable. All mercury fillings must be replaced. This is non-negotiable. All metals in your mouth must be removed, this is non-negotiable as well.

Crowns and caps are metals, they must be removed.

Only bio compatible material must be used in the mouth for false teeth.

Cavitations are another thing that you need to learn and correct.

It is the Biological Dentist’s job to correct the work of conventional dentists. They are expensive. If you have little money, you can go to a conventional dentist and extract the offending teeth. You will miss your teeth, but you will live and be cured. False teeth can give you teeth again.

Hulda Clark’s Book The Cure for All Diseases has extensive discussions on the dangers and pollutants of conventional dentistry and what to do to correct them.

This teeth and body relationship chart is very educational and highly convincing. Click on the chart image to expand. I remember taking my wife’s uncle who had kidney cancer to the biological dentist and showed him this chart before he was checked. Upon inspection, it showed he had one root canalled tooth, on his upper right front tooth. This exact same tooth is shown on the chart to be directly linked with right kidney problems. My wife’s uncle had an enormous tumor engulfing his right kidney 3.7″x3.7″x3.7″, was peeing blood and had terrible lower back pains. Of course he had that root canalled tooth extracted. He’s cured now, hiking up mountains with us.

Here is an introduction to biological dentistry from Queen Mary Holistic Center:

What is Biological Dentistry?

Biological dentistry relates to removing major obstacles to healthy living and hasten recovery from chronic illness. It stresses the relationship of oral health to total wellness because of the interconnection of the teeth to body organ. This fact was made known when it was established that the teeth and body organs share the same pathway (meridians). A trained biological dentists focuses on the use of safe or the least toxic restorative materials for dental works and is alert on the unrecognized impact of dental toxins and the hidden infections as a health hazard to unsuspecting patients.

5 Dental Contribution to Illnesses

1. Temporo-Mandibular Disorder (TMD)

(Misaligned jaw / bad bite)

Temporomandibular disorder (TMD) refer to a collection of medical and dental conditions affecting the TMJ and/or the muscles of mastication, as well as its contiguous tissue components.

2. Bio-Incompatibility (allergy) to dental restoration materials

3. Toxicity from dental restoration & other materials (ex.: Mercury fillings (Amalgam), Fluoride)

4. Electrogalvanization

  • Dissimilar metals produces high dental currents that lead to galvanic corrosion of the restoration materials.(ex.: gold, silver, cobalt, chromium)

5. Dental Interference Field

  • Unerupted teeth
  • Wisdom teeth (impacted or not)
  • Root canal filled teeth
  • Bone cavities
  • Cysts
  • Non-vital/non-root canal filled teeth
  • Granulomas
  • Areas of bone condensation due to healed or unhealed osteitis

This article from

Go there to know more about amalgam fillings and mercury toxicity, flouride toxicity and the benefits of root canal extractions.

In Manila, Philippines I know of 2 biological dentists:

Dr. Herminia P. Chavez – Biological Dentist
Queen Mary Holistic Center
Suite 2503 Medical Plaza Building – Ortigas
San Miguel Avenue, Pasig City, Philippines
Tel +632-638-3901 or +632-910-0083
Cel phone / SMS +63-917-5000140

Doctor Nelson Mari L. Gaba – Biological Dentist
11 Kentucky Drive, Alabang 400 Village,
Muntinlupa City, Philippines
Tel. +632-807-2696
Cell Phone +63-928-2112944