The Electric Sun, Our Electrical Existence

The electromagnetic radiation from the sun makes all life possible. Do not hide from the sun. Welcome the sun. As the plants welcome the sun to grow strong and sturdy, so should humans.

Direct sunlight. Not through glass. Not through screens. Direct. Directly landing on your skin. And from time to time, do sun gazing as well. Let the sun shine through your eyes to recharge the rest of your body.

The sun is electric. Whatever the old scientists told you that the sun is a thermonuclear thing is wrong.

The Basics from

In this day and age there is no longer any doubt that electrical effects in plasmas play an important role in the phenomena we observe on the Sun. The major properties of the “Electric Sun (ES) model” are as follows:

  • Most of the space within our galaxy is occupied by plasma (rarefied ionized gas) containing electrons (negative charges) and ionized atoms (positive charges). Every charged particle in the plasma has an electric potential energy (voltage) just as every pebble on a mountain has a mechanical potential energy with respect to sea level. The Sun is surrounded by a plasma cell that stretches far out – many times the radius of Pluto. These are facts not hypotheses.
  • The Sun is at a more positive electrical potential (voltage) than is the space plasma surrounding it – probably in the order of 10 billion volts.
  • Positive ions leave the Sun and electrons enter the Sun. Both of these flows add to form a net positive current leaving the Sun. This constitutes a plasma discharge analogous in every way (except size) to those that have been observed in electrical plasma laboratories for decades. Because of the Sun’s positive charge (voltage), it acts as the anode in a plasma discharge. As such, it exhibits many of the phenomena observed in earthbound plasma experiments, such as anode tufting. The granules observed on the surface of the photosphere are anode tufts (plasma in the arc mode).
  • The Sun may be powered, not from within itself, but from outside, by the electric (Birkeland) currents that flow in our arm of our galaxy as they do in all galaxies. This possibility that the Sun may be exernally powered by its galactic environment is the most speculative idea in the ES hypothesis and is always attacked by critics while they ignore all the other explanatory properties of the ES model. In the Plasma Universe model, these cosmic sized, low-density currents create the galaxies and the stars within those galaxies by the electromagnetic z-pinch effect. It is only a small extrapolation to ask whether these currents remain to power those stars. Galactic currents are of low current density, but, because the sizes of the stars are large, the total current (Amperage) is high. The Sun’s radiated power at any instant is due to the energy imparted by that amperage. As the Sun moves around the galactic center it may come into regions of higher or lower current density and so its output may vary both periodically and randomly.

What does the electric sun or the electric universe have to do with our health you say? Everything! Electricity is the most powerful force in the universe, gravity next. This is why nature cures and electrical devices cure. Our solar system is bathed in electrical energy, our earth is bathed in electrical energy, our environment, our foods, ourselves.

Natural healers will remind you to get direct sun exposures: not through windows, not through clothing, direct. Throw away your idiotic sun screen lotions, if you have sun screen lotions, you must be coming from a first world country where sun screen lotions are popular, you have been conned. They are not popular here in my country.

We need sun exposure on our skin, even through our eyes. You don’t need to directly look at the sun, you know when the sunlight goes in through your eyes every now and then. Get out of your office, get out of your homes and get some sun. How much sun time? Doctor Mercola has a guide. And Mike Adams has a guide.

“The human body thrives on sunshine! There is no stronger medicine on the face of the earth that pure direct sunshine on the “bare” skin. The entire body needs sunshine. The energy from the sun supplies the life of the earth. This energy known as cosmic energy is the source of all life. All of God’s Laws surround around the function of the suns.” — Barefoot Herbalist MH in his 108 Pages Booklet

And what of our electrical selves? All our cells are electrically powered. Our brains are electrical and sends signals electrically. This is why chiropractics work. Your spine must allow for efficient brain communications. We are urged to go barefoot for electrical grounding. Some people find improvement in simple magnetic wristbands. Hulda Clark Zappers kill parasites, bacteria and viruses. Beck machines clean the blood. Pyroenergen raises total blood and body alkalinity and eliminates viruses.

How about our electrical food? Raw is king. Freshly slaughtered animal meat can be seen and felt still vibrating. Just plucked fruits eaten immediately have electrical charge in them. Microwaved foods have the wrong electrical vibration and are detrimental to health. The water we drink is optimally structured when locked in raw fruits and raw meats. Fresh coconut juice is far superior to home distilled water.

Our electrical everyday environment? TV, computers, cell phones, radio all contributing to electrical noise. Add to that the new wireless electrical power transmission being marketed to homes and we still do not know how bad that might affect us. The air we breath is electrically charged optimally if you were beside the sea or up in the mountains. Some devices are being popularized like orgonite which can cancel the harmful electro magnetic pollution we experience everyday. There are even grounded beds that claim to benefit you by sleeping grounded.

Back to sunlight, throughout most of recorded history man has lived and worked out of doors with ull exposure to sunlight. In our modern society today, millions live in the cities, working indoors in factories and offices; sickly conditions bereft of natural sunlight.

Since I own my own company, I chose an office where natural sunlight is our lighting source.

We can always choose where we live or work. I choose health.