Lung Cleansing

Our lungs can store a lot of toxins. A lot of mucus. A lot of hardened old mucus. There are several methods to clear our lungs.

By now you’ve probably read about pH Balance, alkaline and acidity. Where acidity is caused by a lack of oxygen. A lack of oxygen may be caused by a pretty basic source: improper breathing, inefficient lungs, stuck up with old mucus.

Restoring lung capacity allows you to breath in more oxygen. More oxygen allows you to be more alkaline, which is a required condition for healing.

You can increase this effectivity by taking weekend vacations in clean provincial air.

If you remain in the city, do not live on top of those high rise condominiums where the air pressure is markedly lower. Your breathing will be impaired. You will receive less oxygen, and you will be more acidic.

In the USA, Barefoot Herbalist has Air Restore:

A blend of Mullein and LobeliaAn aid for removing mucus from the lungs and restoring of lung capacitySuggested dose: 1 dropper in early morningCommonly causes daily expelling of mucus from the lungs in the form of “HACKING” up globs of mucus. Only experienced should attempt larger doses as explained on the CD under Oregano Newsletter.

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In Manila, Philippines

GCU Healing Arts has Steam Therapy and Mechanical Techniques using Accupressure to clear the lungs of old stored mucus. They also carry Dynapharm, a Malaysian brand, has a traditional herbal product named Dyna Tonic which you take for 1 month.

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