Detox Protocols and Treatments

All eliminatory and cleansing organs must be cleaned of debris and junk. You have your car serviced for a change oil, change of brake fluid, change of filters on a regular basis. Same thing with humans, many times we need mere regular maintenance and fixing.

Is this knowledge absent from your regular doctor, hospital or western medical school? Of course this is absent. Western medicine is all about drugs and surgery. Western medicine is also called allopathic medicine or the suppression of symptoms. The knowledge I convey in the next web links have nothing to do with drugs, surgery or symptom coverups. This knowledge belongs to a different paradigm totally alien to western medical philosophy or profit orientation.

The fault really lies in thinking that western allopathic medicine is the one and only possibility when in fact, it is obviously not the case. Western medicine has a monopoly hold on mass media outlets like radio, tv, magazines and newspapers because of advertising money. Therefore, if your exposure is only the mainstream media, you naturally think the only kind of medicine is western pharmaceutical medicine.

I welcome you to a knowledge of possibilities, most are off the shelf and readily available in your country, or can be acquired through international parcel delivery.

There are probably more out there, but it is these methods that I am personally familiar with and I definitely know they work. They are part of the tools our family uses and I’d like to share them with you.