Website: Raw Paleolithic Diet

Raw Paleolithic Diet is a website by Vinny Pinto.

The primary purpose of this site is to provide information, articles and links on largely-raw traditional diets which include raw animal products along with raw plant (vegetation) products. Such diets have been repeatedly implicated in helping people (and animals) to achieve:

rapid recovery from chronic disease
rapid recovery from illness
greater health and vitality
greater stamina and robustness
normalization of body weight (gain for those underweight, loss for those overweight)

My Mission in Presenting This Site

My mission in presenting this site (it has been on the air since about 10/2000) is to offer an educational and balanced, decidedly non-missionary introduction to Paleolithic (so-called "caveman") diets in general, and especially to the largely-raw versions of these diets. You will find no fanaticism, no rigidity, no over-zealousness on these pages, and no judgments of people or diets which do not conform the diets presented here, although you may find some ample — and sometimes silly or crazy — humor. Please enjoy this site; feel free to explore it fully! I firmly believe that there is no place for fanaticism, fundamentalism, sanctimoniousness or rigidity in diet or lifestyle. While I personally choose to eat a largely-raw Paleolithic diet, I willingly and lovingly allow my fellow humans the freedom to pick and choose whatever diet and lifestyle works for them.

My background? I have had a number of careers over my lifetime. Among many other things, I have broad and deep Master’s degree in health and wellness research (health sciences), and a wide background in "alternative" nutrition and "alternative" healing. To see a more complete "About the Author" page, including my resumes, please click here. To contact the author, please click here.