Acupuncture Treatments and Traditional Chinese Medicine

Sifu Jen Sam

Barefoot Doctor of the Future: Sifu Jen Sam in Boracay

Since 2010 we were fortunate to have been regularly consulting with a great healer who calls himself The Barefoot Doctor of the Future… Sifu Jen Sam. Sifu’s bloodline is Jewish Romanian, he grew up in Australia, studied Chinese Martial Arts, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Acupuncture and then found his calling to be a barefoot doctor… a house to house doctor in the Philippines. What was fortunate is this man speaks perfect Australian English so he has de-mystified acupuncture and traditional chinese medicine for me.

I personally subscribe to Chinese medicine along with other kinds of medicines such as anthroposophic, european and american or other cultural herbals… they are temporary tools… temporary aids in healing.  Chinese medicine is usually safer than patent medicine because chinese medicine does not bother with molecular tampering just to be able to satisfy the requirements of a patent for monopoly purposes. All of them “herbal tools” are different. So knowing a lot of them from every part of the world will be useful. The more tools we have, the better. Chinese medicine is not just herbs, some have animal components in them too. Western pharmaceuticals can be good too, especially those with expired patents that have stood the test of time and are reliable without any need for drug pushing from med reps.

On the issue of acupuncture, it can be thought of as nervous system fixing, unblocking of channels, optimization and diagnostics. As such, it is important that acupuncture be part of the very first treatments to consult with.

Acupuncture is thousands of years old, well documented, with many generations of schools and masters. Just pick the most skilled practitioner you can have access to. I will let the next videos teach you what acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine is.

Here is a nice video introduction on TCM and Acupuncture… just 5 minutes.

and here is Sifu Jen Sam doing acupuncture… close up on the needles… just 1 minute.

Here is a 1/2 of a session… 15 minutes with Sifu Jen Sam on my then 10 year old boy at the start of his eczema crisis symptom but turned out actually to be a wrecked intestinal crisis. Sifu Jen Sam was contacted as the first treatment in an entire line of treatments as I describe here in my my boy’s next treatment was with the chiropractor.

This guide left no stone un-turned with my boy, he is well now. Acupuncture and TCM played a good role in his healing, in the beginning and in the final part of his healing journey.