Sex is a reproductive function. Do not abuse yourself by being greedy. Your level of health or unhealth gives you a natural set point where you are comfortable with. The urge for sex is a desire to have children.

Natural reproductive sex is healthy and is a part ot the lives of healthy people.

The real problem is abuse bannered by the concept of contraception which transforms sex into a cult religion

It never ceases to amaze me to the lengths people will sabotage their health just so they can indulge in contraceptive sex. They will accept the wholesale marketing lies by the contraceptive manufacturers and actually pay no mind that their contraceptives may be the ones causing their symptoms.

Now even before I became a cure and health guru, I always knew that contraceptive technologies were always meant to sabotage your health.

The premise is: A truly healthy human, both male and female of reproductive ages will have healthy reproductive desires that lead to wonderful healthy babies.

Unfortunately, today in the 21st century, people are so downtrodden poor most can’t afford healthy reproductive desires. And since people can’t afford the products of healthy reproductive desires, they are taught techniques to sabotage and or pervert their absolutely healthy and wholesome sexuality… contraception.

The most popular and most profitable forms of contraception of course are those that do the most damage to health. These reproductive neutering poisons are in the forms of pills, injectibles, IUDs, IUSs, hormone patches, etc. Marketers lie with a straight face that these things are “safe”. Yeah right, the marketers are safe from law suits just in case you sue them because they have lined the pockets of the law makers and health agencies.

Well I’ve got this to say. Anything that sabotages your reproductive capabilities is a direct assault on your total health. The contraceptives you take are actually poisons that make you unhealthy enough to convince your body that now is the wrong time to have babies so you don’t get pregnant.

FYI, I have a much older website called and I have been teaching people how to overcome infertility much longer than I have been curing people of diseases.

When you use contraceptive drugs whether delivered via patches, pills, IUS, injections or whatever new method they invent, that is drug induced infertility, drug induced poisoning leading to unhealthiness resulting in infertility.

Wake up from your lust and smell the flowers. It’s not worth it. Sabotaging your health via contraceptives for the long term is not worth the momentary sexual pleasure.

Contraceptive sex today, eczema in a few weeks, and cancer in a few years. That sucks.

There is always abstinence, natural family planning and condoms. Condoms suck too.

And if you think ligation and vasectomy are safe, you are jumping into even more absolute damage to yourself.

Deliberately contraceptively drugging or sabotaging yourself is always a BAD IDEA.

So pick your poison wisely folks.

Me, I choose health. My wife, she chooses health too.

Sick people usually have no interest in having sex. Sick people when pushed by wrong notions to have sex will only result in using their sexual organs as a means of expelling their waste.