Coasting Diet

Once the healing diet has been done, whether you have chosen with raw meat or fruits only or vegan, you can coast to a diet regiment that suits the way your body wants it and what you can afford.

The best in my opinion is raw fruits + some raw fatty meats… a raw paleolithic diet. Play around with the ratio of raw fruits vs raw fatty meats .

You can then introduce some cooked meats in the form of broths. Never ever fry your food.

The coasting diet must be some 80% or more raw by volume. Listen to your body. You’ve made it this far.

See Wai Genriiu’s raw paleolithic mostly fruitarian diet.

See Raw Paleolithic Dieters’ yahoo groups.

See Weston Price foundation.

See Homo Optimus Diet but try to eat a more raw version of it.

Some may choose to remain fruitarian or remain raw vegan.

The key concepts to a great diet is: mostly raw, fresh, no condiments, grains are junk foods and arent worth the trouble, humans need a high fat diet.

Watch your bowel movement. Colon cleansers must be ready to relieve yourself of constipation. Adjust your diet so that you will never be constipated. Constipation is the root of disease.