If you want to get your muscles and bones stronger and bigger without lifting weights. Then just go out in the sun and run a few 50 yard sprints. Sprinting full speed is equivalent to squatting 7 times your bodyweight.

Remember to warm up prior to sprinting.

Sprinting is a great exercise that works the whole body and it’s definitely the best abdominal exercise, it is better than any sit up.

Rest intervals really depends on the person I think, if you’re in bad shape then take your time.

Let’s look at Paleolithic times. You had to run hard and fast if you don’t want to get eaten by a predator. A good idea to know how to climb trees too. That is all the exercise people needed at that time, something we don’t do enough today.

If you are too old to sprint then just walk outdoors every morning around your village to soak up some sun and fresh air and get that blood circulating. Use that walk to buy some fruits for breakfast.

Of course you may have your preferences. Go ahead and do something fun and do it regularly enough. What we are driving at here is blood circulation, lymphatic circulation.

If you are sick you need that blood circulating faster and farther to those areas so that the blood can do its job of cleaning and penetrating those organs. You can use cayenne as a transport for this kind of healing too.

If you want to build good looking muscles go to a gym and have a coach teach you how the exercises are done.