Clean Fresh Air

Humans need clean fresh air. You must always sleep with clean fresh air. Never rebreath your exhaust or someone elses exhaust. Free flowing fresh air is superior to recirculated air conditioning.

Air must flow freely in your place of work or in your home or in your car.

If your air is polluted, then you have no choice but to move to where the air is clean.

How important is air?

Man can live weeks without food, days without water, but only minutes without air.

Fresh Mountain Air

Fresh Seaside Air

Barefoot Herbalist MH has this to say about air:

Fresh air is the most important substance to be physically consumed by the human being. It is breathed through the nose and lungs as well as the kin. It brings in oxygen and nutrients and removes the gasses of human wasted cells. Air drives a great and powerful machine and just like all machines, it can only run as long and as good as the quality of air it is fed.

Human exhaled air is deadly! To re-breathe air is the most damaging thing a human does against Nature!

The sick need to remove their clothing and shoes and expose the body to the sun/air.

— Barefoot Herbalist MH 108 pages

And Dr. Jerry Hoover has this to say in his free book:

Air contains electricity. The air we breathe affects the body as if it were charged with electricity. This electrical energy, absorbed by the blood, is carried to all parts of the body. The air we breathe contains both negatively charged ions and positively charged ions. Our bodies need a larger portion of the negatively charged ions for optimum health.

Negatively charged air (the good kind) is found in abundance at the ocean, in the mountains, at the foot of a waterfall or by a river or stream. All outside air has a large amount of negative ions. This is why we feel so good when we go camping or to the ocean. Or, if one is fatigued, a short walk outside in the fresh air will liven up the whole body. There are over 3-4 thousand negative ions in one cubic centimeter of mountain air, but only 100 negative ions in one cubic centimeter of air in an office building at the end of an eight hour day. Enclosed buildings have mostly positively charged ions which are harmful to health.

— Dr. Jerry Hoover, Natural Medicine

If the fish is sick, change the water. If the human is sick, and since humans live in the bottom of a sea of air, change the air, move the human to where the air he breaths is fresh.