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All diseases are just complicated sounding names given to a collection of symptoms. Symptoms show your body wisdom trying to cure itself. All diseases and their symptoms are curable, right here, right now in this cure manual. And I’m saying all diseases, even diseases with names they haven’t even invented yet.

When someone, like a doctor, says a disease is incurable, it only serves to highlight his ignorance about health. When your doctor says your disease is incurable, run fast, run very far away from him as he has nothing good to offer you.

Lets begin by waking you up with a few interesting videos.

Astonishing Health Disaster. The reward for blind faith in western medicine is misery and early death. Playing time: 4 mins. 45 secs.

This is a video with segments from an interview about why Olivia L. Worthy no longer practices nursing in mainstream medicine. Playing time: 10 mins.

On a positive note, here is a movie that shows people being cured in 30 days by giving them human food. Raw food is an integral part of curing all diseases. Do not be fixated with just food. There is more. Read on. Playing time: 9 mins. 12 secs.

The first thing that needs healing is your mind. We need to bring your mind outside of the matrix of lies for you to see the truth. You must stop watching television right now. You must stop reading mainstream magazines and periodicals that are littered with pharmaceutical and surgical advertisements.

You must then be introduced to truth concepts, books, websites and videos of our truth, the truth that delivers cures all the time:

  • That humans are self healing. Clean and nurture the human being and everything heals by itself. Assuming the human body is still complete with all body parts and organs and the human is not at the point of death.
  • The germ theory is wrong. Germs are not in the business of wanting to kill us. The viruses, bacteria and yeasts are garbage men whose purpose is to cleanup a dirty / acidic environment.
  • Drugs don’t cure anything, drugs are harmful to health.
  • Removing body parts is wrong, we humans need every part, every organ.
  • Genetics as a cause of disease is a lie. We are descendants of successful humans. Our genes are the best.
  • Symptoms should never be suppressed. Symptoms are not the disease. Symptoms show your body working to achieve equillibrium. Your body is working towards homeostasis.
  • Western medicine is a fraud. Its only good component is the emergency room.
  • Some spring cleaning, a pristine, nurturing environment and nutritious correct human diet is all that is needed for humans to thrive and recover from mistakes of civilization.
  • Epidemics of degenerative diseases are happening because current civilized living conditions and eating habits are at an all time most horrible in the entire history of human beings. Unfit for human nurturing.
  • The key to healing is RAW. Raw fruits. Raw animal food. Raw fruit (olive oil, coconut meat, avocados) and / or raw animal fats. There are no grain cures. There are no cooked vegetable cures. Cooked vegetarian will not heal you. There are no junk food cures, only misery and death.

Recommended Reading:

What We Want and will achieve

“We are not interested in medicine of any kind–”allopathic” or “alternative”. We are not interested in their mediocre achievements in partially restoring health, where patients remain forever borderline with bottles of pills always within easy reach.We want homeostasis, 100 per cent, with the glowing health that accompanies it, regardless of stress or cold or wind or rain.

– Ross Horne”