Stomach Healing, Intestinal Cleansing & Yeast Elimination

I know of 2 absolutely wonderful methods that can clean up yeast and fungus overgrowth in the simplest, cheapest, fastest, safest and most effective ways.

Some people may get well using just any one of these two methods. But I would rather be thorough and do everything in the Cure Manual. I know I did, that is why I can bring all this knowledge to you.

The Virgin Coconut Oil detox is an improvement of the popular Master Cleanse. VCO is used in place of maple syrup. VCO heals the stomach and the intestines, gives you energy, while starving and killing yeast and fungus. VCO gives you a brand new terrain. No need for probiotics. Cures sweets and bread addictions. One or 2 sessions of 2-3 day stretches are all you need. We must thank Dr. Bruce Fife of Coconut Cures book fame. Buy his books!

How to do the Virgin Coconut Oil Detox.

The Orange Juice Fast is a healing method brought back to the 21st century by Barefoot Herbalist MH. The OJ Fast is heals the stomach and the intestines. It is your gateway to raw foodism, raw fruitarianism. Great knowledge is gained while doing this fast. Let Barefoot guide you to success.

How to do the Orange Juice Fast.