Version 1 of the Cancer Cure page is done. I concentrated on finishing this first as I think this is the most important today. The epidemic of cancer hysteria and diagnoses is amazing and the treatments are victimizing millions of people. The people are stressed to hear that they have tumors or that they are malignant or that they have to have surgery or they have x months to live. It is all sales talk. Please. No more victimizing your fellow humans for the sake of squeezing more money from them.

Teach the people. Educate the people to cure themselves. Cure their own cancers and be free of cancer forever.

To internet marketers who still have an altruistic streak, please spread the word, please market, popularize this website as your own donation. You can afford it and you know how to make it sustainable. Let’s help cure the world.

See the Cancer Cure Page in the Diseases and Tweaks section.