I do not believe in incurable diseases. There is no such thing as incurable. Those who propagate the “there is no cure” mantra are merely broadcasting their ignorance.

This website is about curing the incurables. The simple logic is that humans, given the nurturing we need are self healing beings. It does not matter what the incurable disease is called, whether it is Cancer, Heart Disease, AIDS, Diabetes, Psoriasis… as long as you have all your organs intact, and you have not been poisoned by drugs to the point of death, you will be healed… you will be cured.

I will not be the one to cure you. You will be curing yourself. By reading the material here, you are expected to learn enough to be able to cure yourself or other people of all incurable diseases.

It is the 21st century, the age of information, knowledge from people around the world at our fingertips. The brainpower of today’s people and the people of the past is more than enough to cure all diseases.