Mainstream television is a corporate advertiser supported medium. Television programming is customized to benefit corporate sponsors. Corporate sponsors will only pay to advertise for programming that benefits themselves. A television program or station that does not cater to corporate sponsors’ interests will soon find itself bankrupt and off the air.

There is no big conspiracy that needs to be concocted to see the real reasons that corporate lies proliferate on television. Television is all about making money. The corporate sponsors make money, the television station makes money, the television shows make money, the people are paid. Big money makes television possible.

Therefore it is impossible for contrary opinions like to be given a television show because there will be no corporate sponsors. Soda and Junk Food companies won’t pay for advertising on a tv show that badmouths them. Drug companies won’t sponsor television stations that features news reports that consistently does exposes that drugs don’t cure anything and in fact harm people.

The content, the programming of television, radio, magazines and newspapers are largely dictated by the corporate sponsors. The average american watches 3.5 hours of television a day. That is way too much brainwashing. Television is an advertising box meant to sell you things. Corporate sponsors want you to be educated THEIR way so you will BUY their products. That is the purpose of television.

I want you to stop being brainwashed. I want your attention. I want you to read and see health information from the real healers’ point of view. A reality where all diseases are cured consistently, repeatedly, reliable, cheaply.

How can I afford to make a website that speaks truth without corporate sponsors?

I’m my own corporate sponsor. I own my own web development firm. This website is a test run of our new technology for 2008. Did I also mention that I make this website for altruistic reasons? See