The diet strategy pages are initially done.  Version 0.90 maybe.  Will have to read and re-read and decorate with photos.

The healing diet page is ready.  Choose from a vegan type or non-vegan type with raw animal foods. I think I need to add raw food coaches.

The foods to avoid list is growing.  I realized that sick people need everything spelled out to them.  Most of them are sick because they are victims of advertising.

Bread makers advertise that wheat bread is good for you.  Wrong.  All wheat is bad.  Soya makers say soy milk and soy products are health foods.  Wrong again.  They are poisons.  Drink makers will market their zero calorie, zero sugar drinks.  Wrong.  They substituted chemical poisons that taste like sugar.

I’m sorry business people, but I’m here to cure people, not to pander to your interests.