I bumped into an old friend two nights ago. We haven’t seen each other for 3 years. We talked for a couple of minutes. He saw that I’ve changed. No more pot belly. Slim like a teenager again.

Then I told him I had this website www.curemanual.com and I also gave him one of my few remaining christmas gifts, my cayenne tincture, with instructions for heart attack, strokes, breathing problems. In return I got a corporate umbrella, yay!

So I told my friend I help cure people nowadays of the so called incurable diseases. Incurable only in the eyes of western pharmaceutical medicine and their superstitious believers. I made it clear with my friend that this knowledge is not faith healing. I reminded him that I was never religious to begin with and probably never will be. This is real science. Truth science. Science unshackled from profit motives. So me, my teachers, and a couple of internet acquaintances in the know cure the incurables, it is really no big deal. I present eveything in curemanual.com for all to see, read and improve upon.

I sometimes call this open books, open source code healing. Just like the open source code movement on the internet. Computer code is open for all to see, read and improve upon. Same thing with the open source healing movement. Built on top of the great altruistic people who donated their research and knowledge in books, in websites, in egroups.

Once your mind is opened up to the truth concepts about human health and you get a window into knowing and recognizing the truth websites published, you are on your own and become a truth health hobbyist yourself.

So there is no hidden agenda, there is no hidden motive, I’m not here to convert you to any religion either.

I just got lucky after a series of events, and I felt it is my duty to teach others what I know.

This website was primarily made as my personal and family reference manual. So I’ll do the best I can.