I am currently updating the way news and updates are presented in the Cure Manual.  I’ve decided to use a blog for the News Section.  I have not synchronized the look and feel of the blog and the website yet, but it soon will be.

In the blog, it will be easier to make comments instead of sending me email.  I would like to stress that you read the about me section and know that I am a hobbyist.  I give advice, but I do not do live-in healing.  The only people I do live-in healing for are for my close family.  Some have suggested I go into the business of live-in healing.  Not yet.  I’m still in altruistic mode.  The gift is effective for now.  I might lose my gift if I get greedy with money.

Heart disease seems to be a hot topic and it seems many more people are suffering from this and dying from this than cancer.  That is my next target.