Some people may have the mistaken notion that raw food alone will cure their cancer.  Are you betting your life on just one method?  You should not.  That is why my cancer cure protocol is an all encompassing broad spectrum no holds barred offensive.

Raw organic food takes care of nutrition.  But as long as the parasites in your organs are happily eating away at your more nutritious blood and organs, they will continue to do so and your suffering until death continues.  The only way is to evict the parasites.

Other raw gurus will tell you that parasite cleansing is unnecessary. I wholeheartedly disagree.  Just like crops in nature, if there are enough good minerals in the soil, this makes the plants hardy and resist infestation of small parasites.  But animal parasites, that is a different story.  The healthiest plants don’t stand a chance against caterpillars eating away at them.  Same story with humans.  The healthiest humans don’t stand a chance if everyday large mosquitoes are eating away at their blood causing much needed inflammation left and right.  Food gurus must admit that animal type parasites eating away inside the already sick human is a problem and the only way to cure is to kick them out.

Raw food will naturally be cleaner, no pollution from cooking and condiments.  But pollution from other sources could be a problem. Air pollution, personal care products such as after shave, deodorants, isopropyl alcohol, make up and detergents all bombard the regular tv watching human being.

Raw food, especially fruitarian is cleansing, but the sick people do not have time on their side.  This is why detox protocols must be done.

Raw food nutrition goes a long way to helping nourish sick people.  But it is not enough alone.

P.S. I am a raw foodist myself, of the raw paleolithic diet (RPD) variety.  Mostly organic / wild raw fruits, some raw nuts, some raw vegs, and raw animal foods (eggs, various ocean fish, goat, beef, chicken).