Medical cures are non-existent for so called incurable diseases like cancer, heart disease, diabetes, psoriasis and others, but natural cures are plenty… and it’s cheap, it’s safe it is effective.  Let food be thy medicine. The movie Food Matters stresses that you make the right choices.  My personal recommendation is to choose food only from the Raw Paleolithic Diet range of food: raw organic fruits and nuts, raw organic vegetables, raw organic animal foods… grown in fertile soils and oceans.

As a health guru, I don’t easily get impressed. But watching the DVD of Food Matters caught my attention. This is one awesome, well researched, well directed and well written film to hit the DVDs. The producers, writers, directors would seem to have keen interest on real health, the movie was made from their very souls. With the altruistic effort to inform you that you are what you eat. And you do need quite a good amount and excess nutrients if you plan on recovering from grave illnesses.

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The quotable quotes are plenty, just read the transcript of the trailer, I actually took the time to painstakingly transcribe this:


one of the best things terrorists could do is just build more fast food restaurants, maybe add another pharmaceutical company have a couple more infomercials and encourage people to eat, the way they eat now, and everybody’s gonna be dead in a hundred years they can just walk right in, don’t have to do a thing.

one quarter of what you eat keeps you alive and 3 quarters of what you eat keeps your doctor alive.

weight’s going up, heart disease going up, stroke going up

We’re poisoning ourselves with highly processed, nutrient depleted foods.

One of the major problems is what we do to the soil, and the air, and the water and everything we take in our food

we, for whatever reason decided were gonna spray everything with every kind of pesticide, herbicide,larvaecide,fungicide we decided we’re going to genetically modify things we don’t know anything about. can we actually improve what is already been created? and the answer is maybe, but not the way we’ve been doing it.

if you wanna know what’s wrong, look down at the table, it’s staring back at you.

think of it as chronic malnutrition because that’s what’s going on…

but if we think we’re gonna go to the doctor and get a pill for everything, we’ve missed the whole point, we have been taught our whole lives to be consumers to modern medicine which is pharmaceutical medicine, good health makes a lot of sense but it doesn’t make a lot of dollars.

now the drug industry has every right to make money…. no question about that at all, the ethics I think need to be very closely watched.

what the pharmaceutical companies are doing may not necessarily be in the interest of our population.

you can be as sincere and you can be sincerely wrong.

approximately 106,000 Americans die from pharmaceutical drugs each year, and these are people who took the medication as directed.

there is a lot more turning to alternative because what is being done before it doesn’t work

there is no magic bullet, but there is a lifestyle change, that reverses serious chronic disease. it’s cheap, it’s simple, it’s safe, it’s effective.

the solutions are here,they’ve always been here.every single person in the world, every culture, every language every person in the world knows it…

you are what you eat!

food does matter!

it’s a choice, you don’t have to be sick.

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