I used to suffer from a so-called incurable disease the common ignorant doctors called eczema.  You can see from my website www.eczemacure.info I was able to cure myself by simple detoxing methods.  Then I learned to heal other people and other diseases including cancer.  So I became a hobby healer.

Now I could see that I was recommending such and such diets for different diseases, I’m thinking, I had better try each and every one of them myself.  So I tried raw vegan, I tried raw fruitarian, added eggs and fish and it was called the Wai Diet and then added other land animals and it was called raw paleolithic diet.  And this RPD is what I’ve settled with for the past 7 months.  This fits my current needs.  I feel good, I look good.  A 100% raw diet is needed for cancer patients to recover.  What does this grade A fuel do to healthy people?  It should make you glow and grow with health abundance.  So much so that people should ask.  Man, you look good, you look young.

It’s my goal to look good so people will want to know what I do.  I live and breath this Cure Manual website.  We all want to be the best we could possibly be.  Now that I know raw food rocks, I’d best live the part myself.  My taste buds have adjusted,  I now prefer raw foods over cooked foods.