Mr. M has been here in the Philippines since August 9, 2008.  In that short amount of time we have made significant improvements in pain reduction, strength and vitality with the simple concepts of pollution avoidance, superior raw and clean food nutrition, high raw fat diet, fresh air, some exercises and detoxifications.

On the mental battle, I have taught Mr. M and his family to cast out the idiotic medical mindset of cancer is a mystery and is incurable.

This particular tongue cancer is a result of several factors:

Enzyme depletion due to years of cooked food.

Overwhelming pollution due to cooked food and consumption of non-human foods, items which are non-raw-paleolithic in nature.

Pollution due to 30 years of tobacco chewing.

Malnutrition specifically from vitamin C and raw fats as already exhibited in his previously being diagnosed of atherosclerosis.  3 years ago they had a stent installed in his heart.  This did not solve the underlying cause.  Because the doctors who treated him did not know the cause of atherosclerosis.  They did further damage by prescribing drugs. What we do not know if they made any other damage.

Mr. M’s lymphatic system is overwhelmed.  His spleen is big.  His neck lymph is swollen.  This needs fixing so Mr. M can fully detoxify.  This is the current bottleneck.  Maybe a couple of more liver flushes and a 14 day orange juice fast will clean him out, as well as his lymph cleansing techniques.

The “cancer” that was problematic at the beginning WAS a fungus.  Our first VCO detox got rid of most of that fungus.  Mr. M is currently on his 2nd VCO detox.

The pain on his face is due to the blocked lymph node on his neck.  The pain on his tongue is simple inflammation.

More work needs to be done, more training needs to be done so that when Mr M goes back home to his country he will be knowledgable and self sufficient.

Mr. M and his family are very intelligent people and have a goal to pursue, health.  Mr. M will do fine and we will see him in good health for many tens of years to come.

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