I am currently busy playing “tour guide” to Mr. M who came from a far away land and sought my personal guidance in the Philippines.  Mr. M was diagnosed of tongue cancer in his home land by the usual types of doctors.  3 years ago he had an angioplasty operation but was not told of the cure for atherosclerosis.  Instead he was given maintenance drugs, contributory to cancer.

Mr. M noticed a tumor on his tongue 1 year ago.  6 months ago the usual doctors made a biopsy which made things worse. You common doctors, you do not and should not do biopsies, it is the worst disservice to the sick.

After that biopsy Mr. M’s health went downhill.  He has lost 25 kg so far.  20 days ago, it became impossible for him to eat due to his tongue swelling and painful.  He can only ingest liquified food.

This is a hands on application of the cure manual.

Let’s bet on it.  I bet 1 peso that Mr. M will learn how to cure his cancer and eventually he and his family will learn to cure others as well.  I’m not a gambling man so 1 peso will do.

For the loved ones of Mr M, you can follow his adventures in the Philippines from my point of view at http://www.myhealthblog.org