Raymond Royal Rife was an independent scientist who invented the most powerful live optical microscope in the 1930s.  He was the first to see many germs in their live state, including viruses.  He applied frequency generators to catalog at what frequencies the germs were destroyed.  His frequency generator device is generically called a rife machine.  They tried commercializing the rife machine during the 1940s and 1950s but failed to do so and the technology was almost lost.

Dr. Hulda Clark continued the study of parasites and used laborious frequency generators herself.  She invented the zapper which is a broad spectrum device but weaker in strength as it is quite limited in reach inside the human body compared to energetic royal rife machines.

In the 1990s, renewed interest in replicating rife machines using transistor and computer technology has resurfaced.  One manufacturer, called the Beam Ray company has caught the interest of Filipino healers.  I have seen a beam ray machine in operation in Elizabeth Oropesa’s clinic and there is another skilled beam ray treatment operator named Romy Macapagal ( call him at 0917-7964850 ).

The 21st century Beam Ray (rife machine / computerized frequency generators) machines are computerized.  Programs are built in and everything is almost automated.  A skilled operator will see the symptoms of the patient and adjust accordingly.  Sessions are some 1 hour each.  Price is around P 1,500 and several people can sit at one time for the same price.

Of course if we can find a practitioner who also uses Hulda Clark’s synchronometer to identify your germs, that would be super.

I would recommend you first do your colon cleanses before you do your beam ray sessions / parasite cleanses so the dead bodies of your parasites have an exit point.

Here is a video of what a beam ray machine looks like so you can see what I’m talking about: