I participate in several yahoo groups and a topic that caught my eye was “Animal Proteins and Cancer”. The original poster was alarmed after reading about the China Study where…

The findings? “People who ate the most animal-based foods got the most chronic disease … People who ate the most plant-based foods were the healthiest and tended to avoid chronic disease. These results could not be ignored,” said Dr. Campbell.

This is another load of bull dung, flawed upon initiation and formulation of this idiotic study.  I explain in my reply to the cancer yahoo group:

Re: COOKED Animal Proteins and Cancer

The problem with people studying COOKED animal protein consumption is they always study COOKED animal protein and CANNOT imagine people eating RAW animal protein. The title they give to their studies is WRONG as they title them “Animal Proteins and Cancer” but do not qualify their title that they are talking about “COOKED Animal Proteins and Cancer”.

This is the whole fallacy: Animal protein should be consumed RAW, not cooked. Any consumption of cooked food, whether vegetables, fruits, or animals is polluting and disease causing.

It is a double standard of ignorance when they compare food. The correct human, health promoting anti-cancer diet:

Consumption of Raw organic Vegetables good for you
Consumption of Raw organic Fruits good for you
Consumption of RAW organic Animal protein good you
Consumption of Raw organic Animal / Fruit Fats good for you

Total low carb, high fat, medium protein.

To repeat the concept:

Consumption of COOKED organic Vegetables BAD for you
Consumption of COOKED organic Fruits BAD for you
Consumption of COOKED organic Animal protein BAD for you
Consumption of COOKED organic Animal / Fruit Fats BAD for you

Please see http://www.rawpaleo.com for more information on eating the true human diet of raw fruits, raw vegetables, raw animal foods. No vested financial interests there. The website does not try to sell you anything.

Right off the starting gate this China Study is FLAWED.  You can just as well say that the people who ate THE MOST COOKED FOOD got sicker than the people who ate MOSTLY RAW FOOD.

Some people may say it is RIDICULOUS to eat COOKED FRUIT.  Of course it is, but my fellow Filipinos do it all the time with BANANAS! Steamed bananas, fried bananas, sugar coated fried, wrapped and carameled bananas, etc.  Just the same Arctic residents in Russia may say it is RIDICULOUS why people eat COOKED MEAT all the time.

If you are going to compare MEAT eating to VEGETABLE or FRUIT eating, then let them be on the SAME criteria: RAW MEAT – RAW VEGETABLE – RAW FRUIT.