I stumbled upon a Dorn Method practicioner recently when I could not get a hold of my chiropractor the past few weeks.  I was pleasantly surprised at how gentle and how effective Dorn Method was.  And the bonus is, the good Dr. Bien Castro makes house calls!  Wow, in the Philippines, that is rare.

In my very short research about the Dorn Method, it seems this was invented by a German expert in the 1970s so it is pretty new.  Dr. Bien told me this man was cured by a farmer of his back pain and more using this gentle nameless method.  But years on, he lost touch with that farmer so he constructed and documented his own method and called it the Dorn Method.

In my own observation, Dorn Method is a method of spinal adjustment.  The method is slow and gentle.  The Dorn practitioner pushes and pushes ever minutely until he gets the alignment he is looking for.

Dr. Bien did some Dorn on me and it felt just as he described.

Here is a video demonstrating the Dorn Method.

Spinal alignment is a pre-requisite to health and healing.  In the detox protocols of this cure manual, it is the first thing you do, even prior to colon cleansing.

Here is a link to an informative Dorn Method website. http://dorn-method.com/