Dr. Sutter is one of the experts at Curezone.com and he shared his liver flush protocol using of all things… Coca Cola! If it works, it works. This is another type of liver flush we can always add to our arsenal of liver flush protocols.

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Subject: Olive oil, coke, lemon, liver flush
Username: knows Date: 8/4/2007

I know this is controversial but it does work and I’ve never seen anything get stuck in the Common Bile duct with this flush. This flush saved my life back in 1998-99.


1. Two ounces of fresh squeezed lemon juice. (1-2 lemons)
2. Ultra Phos liquid. Do NOT do a liver flush without this.
3. Olive oil. Regular extra virgin oil will do.
4. Coca Cola Classic. Bottle, NOT can. (yes, it can be a plastic bottle)
5. Apple Cider. Not apple juice. It doesn’t have to be organic apple cider either, just regular old apple cider you can get at the grocery store is fine.

For three days drink one quart of apple cider per day. Add 90 drops of Ultra Phos liquid to each quart. Drink the apple cider throughout the day. With meals, between meals, it doesn’t matter. On the third day of drinking the apple cider, three hours after your evening meal, you do the liver flush.

Mix together the following:
2 ounces of lemon juice
4 ounces of olive oil.
4 ounces of Coca Cola Classic. (Shake the Coke a few times to get all the fizz out).

Stir this mixture together. DO NOT SHAKE. Stir vigorously then drink.
Immediately lay down on your right side, knees slightly bent, head properly supported, for 30 minutes. Then 15 minutes on your left side and 15 minutes on your back. Then get up and move around a bit. Nothing strenuous.

You can get the Ultra Phos at:
or call 618-594-7711.

Results: The oil usually passes within a few hours. If you experience any nausea treat it with ginger or peppermint tea. The nausea leaves once the oil has passed. Within 12 to 24 hours the debris that was congesting the liver will pass. Green, pea size stones, dead parasites and lymphatic debris. Drink plenty of distilled water the next few days.

The effects of the Liver Flush are quite dramatic and very rewarding. You are literally cleaning you bodies blood filter. Very important in any recovery process.

The liver flush should be done only AFTER a minimum of two weeks on an antiparasite program. For maitanence, after you get your health back, twice a year is sufficient. Do a two week antiparasite program along with a good colon cleanse topped off on day 14 by a liver flush.

You’ll be surprised at how good you can get feeling.