This high blood pressure cure protocol outline is dedicated to Mr Mijares of Cagayan de Oro city as requested.

High blood pressure is mostly caused by failing, congested, blocked of stones kidneys.  The basic premise is that the heart and the kidney are partners with the heart pumping blood, and the blood being squeezed through the kidneys so that the blood may be cleaned.  If the kidneys are congested full of debris, then the blood needs more push, a higher blood pressure for the kidney blood cleansing to be done.

Another probable cause of high blood pressure are other circulatory constrictions in the blood vessels where the heart is automatically commanded by the brain to increase its work because the blood needs to flow where it is supposed to flow.

Therefore, blood pressure regulation is an automatic process.  The body needs to do a certain amount of work and the heart pumps to meet that need.

The number one problem in high blood pressure cases is the sick patient is a slave of western medicine pharmaceutical drugs.  Because that symptom suppressing paradigm of the drug industry, the purpose of the high blood pressure drugs is to lower blood pressure by constraining the heart function and allegedly thinning the blood.  The common western medical doctor does not care for the true cause of high blood pressure, as long as your body can produce a blood pressure reading within his “normal range” he tells you he has cured you… no matter if you can no longer work because you are now a decrepit invalid unsuitable for work or even self care.

So the people who truly wish to be cured of high blood pressure must also wish to be free of ALL medication and wish to spring back and enjoy life with vigor!  And for the poor, wish to be strong enough for work.

I will tell you now that if you do not wish to give up all your medications now, read no further and be happy you are barely alive.

For those who do want an energetic lifestyle, read on.  You must do the entire cure manual.  It is that easy.  The order of doing things is the same.  Spinal adjustment first, colon cleanse second, kidney cleanse, liver flush, etc.  Change your diet, nurture yourself, stop watching television.  The works.

Special stress on the kidney cleanse.  If you have stones, you may have to dissolve the stones with lemon juice cure for kidney stones.  This is where you drink 8 ounces of freshly squeezed lemon juice followed by 1 ounce of lemon juice in 7 ounces of distilled water.  Repeat every 1 hour for 12 hours.  You may have to do a 6 week herbal program with kidney cleanse herbs from or from Dr. Hulda Clark or equivalent.  In the Philippines, for the really poor, the free remedy is to get 7 big avocado tree leaves and boil in 2 liters of distilled water for 15 minutes.  Drink beginning 6 pm until you finish all.  Drink for 10 days.

Diet is where most people fail.  They mistakenly think that high blood pressure is genetic when in fact it is more environmental because their family cooking and eating was always the culprit.  Say a Filipino family’s favorite cooking style is frying in cooking oil with the “no cholesterol” marketing scam; they get sick because their food was polluted by cooking and more so by frying, their whole body is having inflammation problems because they keep ingesting seed oils which are unnatural and inflammation causing… besides the fact that people eat non-human foods, where I define human foods as raw paleolithic foods: raw organic / wild animal foods, raw organic / wild fruits, raw organic vegetables… if your food is not a raw paleolithic food then it is most likely disease causing.  For example: soya and any soya product, corn and any corn product, wheat and any wheat product, beans and any bean product, any cooked vegetable, any cooked fruit, any cooked animal food such as pasteurized milk, grilled steak, boiled fish, etc.  I fully condemn all manufactured foods… they should not even be called foods.  I condemn all condiments… true food tastes great alone… and besides, most condiments are polluted and just full of chemicals… the only condiment I tolerate is squeezing a lemon or some real live vinegar.

Of course the shift to a raw paleolithic diet takes some adjusting, but it has to be done if you want to be outstandingly cured, outstandingly healthy.  Now you know there are trade offs when you prefer to consume a certain kind of cooked or manufactured food… it is your fault… be a hu-man and take responsibility for yourself.  Will the food you put in your mouth nourish you or make you sick?

And what about exercise and physical activity?  When you have cured yourself of high blood pressure now you can do what you like doing.  Now you can push yourself.  Now there are no medicines pulling your heart and blood down.  Now you can run at top speed or lift at full strength.  Nothing stands in your way now.

You think the adjustments you need to make are difficult?  Do you prefer being sick?  Now you can make a true choice, you don’t have to be sick.