Here is an alternative method of liver flushing that instead of using the usual olive oil and lemons, you use lime juice and either sunflower oil or peanut oil.  Many have reported good success with this kind of liver flush.  Is it better than the traditional olive oil method?  All I know is it is different, and being different you get different results and hopefully, you get things done that the usual liver flush method did not get to do.  Being a 20+ liver flush veteran, it is good to do different things so you get different results.

So I will be copy and posting an original post by Tsetsi from the Curezone forums from the thread

Subject: Easier Way to flush everything out of your liver – Egg yolks and Lime Juice and Oil.
Username: tsetsi Date: 5/17/2006

Have you asked yourself… why do i have to endure such unpleasant moments when flushing my liver of Gallstones and filth? I have!


why do i want to vomit and feel naucious the entire time?
why do i have to take time off of work to do this?
why do i have to rest and be at home?
isn’t there an easier way…?

I indeed asked myself all of those questions constantly, until, through careful research and experimentation, i finally found the answer!

You certainly don’t have feel unconfortably during the flush at all. there is a much easier and more pleasant way of cleaning your liver ducts and gall bladder, and even your intestants get cleaned from this procedure. This way is far superior and takes everything out in a matter of just hours. and if you do it for several days in a row, you will end up extremely clean inside and out and it will show!!

I believe you will look at least 10 years younger and more beautiful! No need for oil and lemon juice, when you are using this method. it amazes me that this information is not posted here or anywhere else on the liver detox knowledge pages of this website. this is a simple and amazing way to cleanse – better yet, to really purge everything out completely. you will experience a perfectly pink tounge in just 3-4 days and your skin will begin to glow like a peach and you will get long, very shiny hair, your nails will grow rapidly and you will feel like you can lift a mountain.

This is what you do exactly:

1. buy 20 organic limes, but even the non-organic ones work perfectly!

2. buy a large carton of organic, omega-3 eggs, free-range preferably!

3. buy a bottle of organic sunflower oil (or peanut oil) – cold pressed.

4. when you get home, leave the eggs out on your counter, do not put them in the refrigerator! they must be room-temperature by the next day!

5. either do this in the morning, before you eat or drink anything, or in the evening, but wait 3 hours after your meal.

6. take 3 limes and roll them wtih your palm on your kitchen counter – with some force, so as to soften them up. then squeeze them into a porcelain cup.

7. take 2 eggs, crack them over the sink and empty the contents into the palm of your hand, opening up your fingers, so as to let the egg-white fall out into the sink, leaving only the yolk in your hand. then place the 2 yolks in the cup of lme juice.

8. using a wooden utencil (any utencil except for metal), gently beat the mixture only a couple of times. simply a couple of stirs are sufficent to get the juice and yolks to mix.

9. then pour a table spoon (do not use metal utencils) of sunflower oil into the mix. other oils will work just as well too; especially beneficial is organic, cold-pressed peanut oil also!

10. mix a couple of more times, sip and enjoy! the drink is delicious, safe, healthy and most importantly – with a cleansing potency beyond belief!!!

11. you may feel the urge to sleep almost immediately after that, so you may want to drink this potion right before bedtime, instead of in the morning. most importantly, be sure that you have not eaten or drank anything in the last 3 hours.

12. when you wake up from your nap, after 2-3 hours have elapsed, you will feel like you have 10 horse powers instead of 1 human power. the energy you will aquire from this is instant and perminant.

13. your nose will feel clogged. this is because your liver has just purged an incredible amount of tixins and dirt into your intestine. even if there is nothing blocking your nose cavity, your nose will feel clogged. for those who have done Liver Flushes will know what i am talking about. this is the very feeling of stones and gunk leaving the liver and entering the entstine.

14. finally, if you have an enema kit, you need to use very warm water to clean out your intestines, and it is imperative that you use 2 full enemas with very warm water, in order to draw the gunk out from the top of the small upper instestine to the lower one and then out.

15. unbelieveable things will come out of you, sometimes green stones, sometimes plaque, sometimes worms and parasites and sometimes just black, black, black filty water. you will be literally wowed at the results after the first day and double-wowed of the results after the 2, 3,4th day. by the end of the week, you will feel like you can take over the world! yes, the feeling is incredible!

If you feel unconfortable using an enema, stones, gunk, mucouid plaque, worms, parasites and eggs can still come out, but not as full-capacity as when you flush with an enema, because everything tends to dry out once it reaches the large intestine, if there isn’t anything to dilute it and take it out. intestinal walls tend to suck the water out of everythng, so use an enema if you want the full 100% beneficial results.

If you have any questions, email me at! i answer all emals. I am obviously not trying to sell anything, so do not mistake this message as a sales-pitch! This is free information for you to benefit from. I am here to help people who are like myself. i would love to get your input on how your special cleansing went and what your special results were.

This could be your little secret 🙂 when your co-workers and friends see you get strikingly radiant, thinner, younger, tanner and full-of-energy, they don’t have to know! unless you would be kind enough to tell them how they can also achieve incredible results in just a few days!

love and blessings,